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Technotheft 5

Sun Mar 12, 2017, 6:01 PM

 It is Friday, March 27. Early afternoon, and the rain continues. The party is on the western bank of the Missouri river. A destroyed spider-skull walker lays nearby, smoke rising from its shattered hull. There is no sign of survivors from either the spider or the two sky cycles. However, you have subdued the one CS soldier who was not in an armored vehicle, and he sits before you in the mud, wondering what comes next. It is a certainty that the other

 CS soldiers in Novgorod know about the attack, and are preparing for some kind of action.

Kawai scoffs, "You want him, keep him. Just make sure he is out of sight. We have work to do."
"We do. But this man helped us before, so we're letting him live."

"Put him in your dragon. Hurry."

 Kiirga picks up Shamon carefully in the claw of her dragon, and the hatch pops open with a hiss of hydraulics. She looks back from the pilot's seat at him with a sorry smile.

Shamon glares back with his left eye. His right eye is currently hidden behind what is most likely a targeting aim that has been broken and then forced into his face, causing tremendous bleeding down his right side. Kiirga sighs lightly at him. "I'm very sorry about what my friend did. I should have a first aid kit in here... somewhere..." She looks around in the cockpit of her mech.

 Kiirga puts the kit on an open chair, then drops Shamon gently into the cockpit with her. "I know, I know." The claw returns to the ground as the hatch hisses back closed and locked.

Shamon takes the medkit and opens it up, gathering the supplies he requires

Kawai pulls up the map, "Can't lay low... So we must take the lab now. Punch a hole and run inside." The map link: ) "Or we could retreat." looks around at the activity of the base. The base is only a half mile away, but Kawai does not see any urgent activity such as flying vehicles.

 Kiirga directs the mech's head towards the base. "I don't know, I can't see anything particularly telling of them getting to worried about us."

 "How does he look?"

 Shamon is busy wrapping bandage over padding around his head, covering his right eye but leaving his left exposed

 Kiirga looks over at Shamon. "He'll live."

  "I'm going to take out the radar. See what you can do about the lab."     

"Will do."

 Kawai zooms towards the radar tower at half speed close to the ground.

 Kiirga heads off towards the lab while Kawai does this.

As Kawai blast along at 350 mph, one foot off the ground, she encounters tall prairie dog mounds and a grove of trees. A salvo of five short range armor piercing missiles manages a hit.

Nov 06 17:56:01 <MikeM> You are now in close visual range of the airstrip.

Nov 06 17:56:12 <MikeM> Under 100 meters.

Nov 06 17:58:45 * Kawai makes a swerve right, she focuses her sights on  the door. That will be their best target. "Come on, Warhawk. These are bee stings." she consouls her Juggernaut.

Nov 06 18:06:02 * Kawai puts on the speed to barrel into the door.

Nov 06 18:07:00 <Kawai> !roll 1d20+10

Nov 06 18:07:00 <GameServ>    Kawai rolled 1d20: 17  <Total: 17(+10) = 27>

Nov 06 18:07:07 <Kawai> (Hit?)

Nov 06 18:07:51 <MikeM> Are you flying into the radar building?

Nov 06 18:08:10 <Kawai> (Yes. Into the doors of the radar building.)

Nov 06 18:08:24 <MikeM> Definitely a hit.

Nov 06 18:09:17 <MikeM> I can't help but think you'll take some damage from doing this, though.

Nov 06 18:09:20 <Kawai> !roll 1d6

Nov 06 18:09:20 <GameServ>    Kawai rolled 1d6: 5  <Total: 5>

Nov 06 18:09:34 <Kawai> (60 MD)

Nov 06 18:10:15 <Kawai> (This also counts as 3 attacks per melee.)

Nov 06 18:11:48 <MikeM> The building shakes violently, and the roof is knocked off, thereby severing the power line. The radar is disabled.

Nov 06 18:12:24 <Kawai> (Can I enter?)

Nov 06 18:13:03 <MikeM> You're too big. It's not designed for juggernaut use.

Nov 06 18:13:22 <Kawai> (How big is the hole I made?)

Nov 06 18:14:19 <MikeM> The roof opening is 10' by 10'.

Nov 06 18:15:47 * Kawai stands up to make the hole bigger.

Nov 06 18:19:53 <Kawai> (What should I do for this?)

Nov 06 18:20:26 <MikeM> I don't think anything fancy is required.

Nov 06 18:22:38 <MikeM> After scraping the roof off, you see that it is only two stories, and quite small. Bits of computer hardware lie among smashed cinderblocks, and a technician struggles, pinched between two pieces of rubble.

Nov 06 18:24:26 * Kawai looks at the technician, her hand reaches out, they lift rubble off the technician.

Nov 06 18:25:03 <MikeM> The technician begs, "Please, please..." He is bleeding from several wounds.

Nov 06 18:27:03 * Kawai "Guard the door," she tells Warhawk before opening him up to exit, "You're not going to die." she tells the technician.

Nov 06 18:27:49 <MikeM> "What do you want from me? Why are you even here?"

Nov 06 18:30:27 * Kawai "Shopping." she kneals down beside the technician.

Nov 06 18:30:55 <MikeM> The technician gives you a confused look.

Nov 06 18:31:26 * Kawai looks over the technician's wounds.

Nov 06 18:32:11 <MikeM> He is bleeding from several cuts, and his left leg is bent below the knee where there is no joint.

Nov 06 18:35:25 * Kawai takes off her shirt, ripping it to make strips of cloth. She looks around for straight pieces of something hard that she could use as a splint.

Nov 06 18:36:28 <MikeM> There are several pieces of broken conduit nearby.

Nov 06 18:37:59 <MikeM> (Novgorod is not a secure area.)

Nov 06 18:39:33 <Kawai> (That will do.)

Nov 06 18:39:50 <Kawai> (I am going to roll for first aid.)

Nov 06 18:40:17 <Kawai> !roll 1d20+20

Nov 06 18:40:17 <GameServ>    Kawai rolled 1d20: 14  <Total: 14(+20) = 34>

Nov 06 18:41:45 <MikeM> You successfully stop the bleeding and splint his broken leg. He is still in pain, and probably will go into shock.

Nov 06 18:42:06 <MikeM> What kind of security sensors does your juggernaut ai have?

Nov 06 18:43:02 * Kawai uses the Galvanized pipes to create a splint for his leg and dress his wounds with strips from her shirt.

Nov 06 18:43:30 <Kawai> (As in a warning system? Let me check.)

Nov 06 18:46:43 <Kawai> (Sees through smoke and clouds, see the invisible, infrared and ultraviolet vision. Plus a radar life sensor thing.)

Nov 06 18:48:38 <MikeM> Might want to check your sensors. There are still CS people around.

Nov 06 18:50:37 * Kawai returns her focus from Warhawk's announcement of company to the technician, "Are you going to be alright?"

Nov 06 18:51:44 <MikeM> "I...I think so." He's a bit dirty from the shakeup, but he might be blushing.

Nov 06 18:52:48 <Kawai> (Yeah, blushing is a possiblity. I'm not wearing a bra.)

Nov 06 18:54:22 * Kawai goes light-footed up the walls and bounces off the debri as she goes to the remainer of the roof.

Nov 06 18:58:31 <Kawai> (Is there anyone left in the radar tower?)

Nov 06 18:59:11 <MikeM> A check of the radar life sensor thing shows no other movement in the rubble.

Nov 06 19:00:50 * Kawai observes the chaos outside as she sits on the lip of the ruined tower.

Nov 06 19:03:40 <MikeM> I bet Kiirga and Shamon are arriving at the lab soon.

Nov 06 19:03:57 <Kiirga>      There is a single dragon mech moving across the open space, past the small town, and towards the lab building.

Nov 06 19:04:07 <Kiirga>      (Was just thinking the same thing :P)

Nov 06 19:06:20 * Shamon moves over to Kiirga "what are you doing?"

Nov 06 19:07:20 <Kiirga>      "We're just here for some information. I'd really rather not have to hurt anybody else." She sighs softly. "You okay?"

Nov 06 19:07:44 <MikeM> As you approach the lab, you can see that it is surrounded by a fence topped with razor wire. There is a small gate on the eastern side, and a larger vehicle gate on the northwest edge. The lab is two stories, and there is a smaller one-story building on the northeast part of the fenced enclosure.

Nov 06 19:08:13 <MikeM> Despite all the ruckus, there does not appear to be any movement.

Nov 06 19:09:11 * Shamon sneers slightly "yeah, yeah I'm dandy" he quickly reaches behind himself and pulls out a grenade. He holds the lever and pulls the pin out "answer my question, or I'll drop it"

Nov 06 19:09:33 * Kawai falls backwards along the wall, letting her hand guide her for when she should push off. She returns to the technician's side.

Nov 06 19:11:18 * Kiirga 's ears fold down and she sighs again. Really? After she saved you? After working together before? "I just told you, Shamon. We're here for information. We're not looking to go killing any civilians or anything. Geez."

Nov 06 19:12:10 * Shamon "Just- just listen! Just listen to me, okay?!" He's clearly very agitated

Nov 06 19:12:27 <Kiirga>      "Fine, I'm listening. Talk."

Nov 06 19:13:23 * Shamon takes a few deep breaths.. "Why did you spare me? How do you know my name?"

Nov 06 19:14:17 <Kiirga>      "... Don't you remember? We worked together to pull out all those civilians from (... Milwaukie?)"

Nov 06 19:15:23 <Shamon>      "... I see. Any.. Proof of this?"

Nov 06 19:15:40 <Kiirga>      "I've got flight logs from the Eternity."

Nov 06 19:16:11 <Kawai> (Milwaukee)

Nov 06 19:16:25 <Kiirga>      (Ah, I was close)

Nov 06 19:16:50 * Shamon he puts the pin back in "I'll believe you, for now" he drops the grenade to the ground "you did know that was a smoke grenade too, right?"

Nov 06 19:18:57 * Kiirga smiles lightly. "Still had to take you seriously. So. What do you know about this lab? Any place we can hit it to get the most information and keep any injuries to a minimum?"

Nov 06 19:20:00 * Shamon folds his arms. "Show me those logs first?"

Nov 06 19:23:12 * Kiirga nods her head softly. she gestures her glowing hoof towards one of the aux screens at the comms station, and she rapidly navigates through a file tree to reach the flight logs. They display textually the flight path, the cargo (a number of refugees, their belongings, and the dragon mech you are currently riding in), and the crew for that flight. Your name is listed among the crew.

Nov 06 19:24:20 <Shamon>      "... Any proof it isn't fake?'

Nov 06 19:25:34 <Kiirga>      "Why would I fake that? When would I have had the time to have faked that?"

Nov 06 19:26:12 * Shamon he looks over the logs "fine, fine, I'll believe it.. So..."

Nov 06 19:28:00 <Kiirga>      "So. We've worked together before. I know you're more concerned about civilian safety than some DB you just met. So let's do this safely, okay?"

Nov 06 19:28:36 <Shamon>      "Okay, okay. Let's think of something"

Nov 06 19:29:59 <Kiirga>      "Anything you could tell me about the layout of the lab would help a lot. Where to get at the data cores, where to avoid to not hurt any scientists working there, that sort of thing."

Nov 06 19:30:58 <Shamon>      "Have you got a picture of the layout? It will make it easier"

Nov 06 19:32:06 * Kiirga pulls up the rudimentary image that she was given of the layout of the facility and places it on the same screen where the flight log had been displayed. "This is all I've got."

Nov 06 19:40:21 <Shamon>      "Alright. That's the lab, that there is an admin building. There's a fence around it, with a guard hut there. It might be unoccupied, I don't know. The lab itself might be guarded, I'm not sure, but there are two laser turrets inside. Also,  the scientist are either still there, or they might of been evacuated"

Nov 06 19:40:56 <Kiirga>      "Where are those laser turrets controlled from?"

Nov 06 19:42:35 <Shamon>      "There's a control room inside the lab, first floor"

Nov 06 19:42:56 <Kiirga>      "And we're gonna have to get past the turrets to get there, aren't we?"

Nov 06 19:43:56 <Shamon>      "You will"

Nov 06 19:45:38 <MikeM> As you plan the entrance, the rain slows to a light drizzle. Sunlight breaks through the clouds from the west.

Nov 06 19:45:57 <MikeM> A blue glow emanates from the western horizon as well.

Nov 06 19:47:51 <Kiirga>      "Hmm. Well, I should still be able to deal with that without much issue if I can get in close to one. So. These turrets are just inside then?"

Nov 06 19:50:07 <Shamon>      "Yes, that's correct. So, what's the plan?"

Nov 06 19:51:39 <Kiirga>      "Uhh... do these things have any AI in them?"

Nov 06 19:53:30 <Shamon>      "Yes. Standard, shoot this guy, don't shoot that guy, type of AI. They're definitely switched on now"

Nov 06 19:54:45 <Kiirga>      "Okay, so they aren't sentient then. That'll make my job much easier."

Nov 06 19:55:06 <Shamon>      "Your job?"

Nov 06 19:56:05 <Kiirga>      "I should be able to get in close and take control of one of them." She gestures with her glowing hoof, her main way of interfacing with her machines, "Then direct its fire at the other turret."

Nov 06 19:57:57 <Shamon>      "Through a floor?"

Nov 06 19:58:41 <Kiirga>      "... Are these turrets on seperate floors?"

Nov 06 19:59:02 <Shamon>      "Yes, they are"

Nov 06 19:59:44 <Kiirga>      "Ahh... hm. Well then, where are they in relation to eachother?"

Nov 06 20:00:32 <Shamon>      "Both are on the north end, if memory serves"

Nov 06 20:01:40 <Kiirga>      "Hmm... Might be better just to blast the one and get to the control room for the other." She sighs softly. "Is the data stored in this control room, as well?"

Nov 06 20:03:28 <Shamon>      "I'm.. Not sure.. Let me think"

Nov 06 20:03:34 <MikeM> A rumble sounds in the distance. It sounded like thunder, but there was no lightning.

Nov 06 20:03:59 * Kiirga frowns lightly and directs her mech's sensors in that direction.

Nov 06 20:05:59 <MikeM> Your sensors report high levels of unfocused energy and magic from the same direction as the blue glow.

Nov 06 20:07:03 <Kiirga>      "What was that?"

Nov 06 20:07:21 <Shamon>      "Uh.. I don't know?"

Nov 06 20:08:54 * Kiirga huffs softly. "Great. let's just get in there and get the data before... whatever that was does whatever it's doing."

Nov 06 20:09:16 <Shamon>      "Sounds like a plan to me"

Nov 06 20:11:09 * Kiirga pilots the mech towards the nearest entrance, not really bothering with the simple fence that surrounded the structure.

Nov 06 20:12:34 * Shamon bends down, holding his head and groaning

Nov 06 20:13:06 <MikeM> The fence falls easily under stompy dragon feet, but it becomes obvious the front door was meant for human-size entrance.

Nov 06 20:13:49 <Kiirga>      "Hey, you okay?" She looks around for any larger doors.

Nov 06 20:14:34 * Shamon leans against the wall, still groaning and holding his head

Nov 06 20:14:49 <MikeM> The back door is a large roll-up door, 20' tall and 30' wide. It is currently closed.

Nov 06 20:15:35 <Kiirga>      That'll work. She moves towards that. "Shamon?"

Nov 06 20:17:21 <Shamon>      "Wh- what?!... It's, it's nothing, I'm... Fine"

Nov 06 20:19:08 <Kiirga>      "Alright, if you say so." She arrives at the back door and digs the mech's claws in underneath the door, pushing it up along its tracks.

Nov 06 20:21:57 <MikeM> Inside is a large garage. Various tool chests and computers line the walls. There is a single door on the southern wall.  On the second floor is a catwalk, and two doors: one on the south wall, and another on the east wall, close to the rollup door.

Nov 06 20:22:39 <MikeM> The room is approximately 35' wide and 40' deep.

Nov 06 20:24:23 * Kiirga steps the mech inside and looks  around. "Any idea where these doors go?"

Nov 06 20:28:40 <Shamon>      "Nnn.. Wh-where do you think?" He takes a few steps back.. And pulls out a frag grenade

Nov 06 20:29:53 <Kiirga>      "I guess I won't know until I check them out." She looks away from the viewscreen and at Shamon. "Hey, hey, what are you doing with that?"

Nov 06 20:30:08 * Zero|Away is now known as Zero

Nov 06 20:30:25 <Shamon>      "Let, me, out"

Nov 06 20:31:13 <Kiirga>      "Calm down, man, nobody's holding you prisoner. What's wrong?"

Nov 06 20:33:08 * Shamon pulls the ring out and tosses it away "let me out, now"

Nov 06 20:33:48 * Kiirga frowns, and she gestures her hoof back towards the hatch. it hisses softly, then pops open.

Nov 06 20:35:26 * Shamon moves over to the hatch

Nov 06 20:35:47 * Kiirga quietly watches you.

Nov 06 20:36:27 * Shamon begins climbing out

Nov 06 20:38:57 * Kiirga allows him to climb out with no problem. Shamon climbs out onto the back of the mech, plated with metal scales.

Nov 06 20:39:54 * Shamon begins making his way down and off the mech

Nov 06 20:40:33 <Kiirga>      The hatch hisses and thunks back closed, and a claw of the mech reaches up to grab Shamon off of its back.

Nov 06 20:42:13 * Shamon waves the grenade about, but he can't help it if he is grabbed

Nov 06 20:43:01 * Kiirga holds him, and lifts him to be in the air in front of the mech. "What the heck, man? What are you doing?"

Nov 06 20:44:17 <Shamon>      "Let me go!"

Nov 06 20:45:13 <Kiirga>      "Yeah, yeah, I got that. You could have gotten yourself killed. Why?"

Nov 06 20:47:29 <Shamon>      "Let me go, or else!"

Nov 06 20:47:44 <Kiirga>      "Or else what?"

Nov 06 20:48:10 * Shamon lets the lever flick off the grenade!

Nov 06 20:49:19 <Kiirga>      Yeah, she kind of expected that. She plucks the grenade out of Shamon's hand with the other claw of her mech and tosses it away and out of the building.

Nov 06 20:49:37 <MikeM> *crump*

Nov 06 20:51:10 * Shamon kicks and punches, swearing at Kiirga!

Nov 06 20:51:55 <Kiirga>      "Geez man, settle down! You're just gonna hurt yourself. What's gotten into you?"

Nov 06 20:52:20 * Shamon continues regardless

Nov 06 20:55:05 * Kiirga sighs and rolls her eyes. Is this some sort of CS tech in his head making him act like this? She just lets him wear himself out a little doing this little tantrum.

Nov 06 20:56:31 * Shamon eventually does stop thrashing, but he keeps swearing at her

Nov 06 20:57:42 <Kiirga>      "Come on, Shamon. Remember me, remember working together. Whatever this is, you can fight it."

Nov 06 20:58:26 <Shamon>      "No! Get out of my head!"

Nov 06 20:58:45 <Kiirga>      "I'm not in your head, they are."

Nov 06 21:00:02 <Shamon>      "Stop lying to me!"

Nov 06 21:00:37 <Kiirga>      "I haven't lied to you. I showed you proof, and I saved your life. What more do you want?"

Nov 06 21:01:09 <Shamon>      "For you to left me go!"

Nov 06 21:01:16 <Shamon>      (Let)

Nov 06 21:01:39 <Kiirga>      "And what are you going to do if I do?"

Nov 06 21:02:05 <Shamon>      "Get away from this place"

Nov 06 21:02:24 <Kiirga>      "And go where? There's nothing else around for miles."

Nov 06 21:02:43 <Shamon>      "I don't, care!"

Nov 06 21:03:34 <Kiirga>      "Really? Not even a little bit concerned about your own wellbeing?"

Nov 06 21:04:16 <Shamon>      "No, let me go!"

Nov 06 21:05:09 <Kiirga>      "For your own sake... No. This has got to be related to that burst of magic somehow. I'm going to get the data, then I'm getting you out of here."

Nov 06 21:06:24 * Shamon begins thrashing again

Nov 06 21:07:56 <MikeM> Another rumble sounds in the distance, rattling the damaged rollup door.

Nov 06 21:08:39 * Kiirga sits the mech down and wraps the second claw around Shamon to keep him pinned in place, to keep him from hurting himself. "I'll be back soon." The hatch on the mech's back pops open, and she climbs out. She locks the mech down, then looks at Shamon from its shoulder. "Don't get yourself hurt, alright?"

Nov 06 21:09:54 * Shamon struggles, yelling swear words at Kiirga

Nov 06 21:12:39 * Kiirga rolls her eyes, then smirks. "I'll take that as a 'yes'." She hops down off the mech and peeks through the ground-floor door out of the garage and deeper into the complex.

Nov 06 21:14:14 <MikeM> Your careful peeking and sneaky hooves allow you to see the first floor:

Nov 06 21:14:50 <Kiirga>      (So that big room with the slanted wall is the garage?)

Nov 06 21:15:08 <MikeM> (Yes.)

Nov 06 21:15:29 <Kiirga>      (Is there anything in sight from where she is?)

Nov 06 21:17:22 <MikeM> At the north end of the long hall is the laser turret, and at the south end is a set of stairs going to the second floor. Directly across from your door is a short hall, and two small offices. On the east side is an office with thick looking doors which have small, reinforced windows.

Nov 06 21:18:57 * Kiirga peeks around the corner of the hall... there's the laser turret he told her about. That's gonna be hard to get close to in that position... So she, for now, opts to check the room directly across the hall from her.

Nov 06 21:20:41 <MikeM> It looks like the door opens inward. It has a handle for turning.

Nov 06 21:21:06 * Kiirga slowly opens the door and looks inside.

Nov 06 21:21:49 <MikeM> The door was blocked with an overturned desk, which was easily pushed aside. The lights are off, but a voice calls out, "Who's there?"

Nov 06 21:23:36 <Kiirga>      (I have vision of IR and UV, what do I see?)

Nov 06 21:25:20 <MikeM> It is an electronics lab. There are two workbenches inside, and you can hear one person breathing. She is hiding behind one of the benches, near the back door.

Nov 06 21:26:13 <Kiirga>      "Nobody's gonna hurt you, okay? You don't have to be scared." She says in a soft, calming tone.

Nov 06 21:26:55 <MikeM> "They said there's a lockdown, and we're to remain in place. Is it over? I heard a bunch of explosions."

Nov 06 21:28:50 <Kiirga>      "I don't know. You should probably stay where you are, though, if that's what they said. I'll go look and see if everything's safe."

Nov 06 21:30:21 <MikeM> "Ok." She peeks out from behind the desk, trying to see who's talking. "Oh."

Nov 06 21:32:35 <Kiirga>      A head framed against the light coming through the cracked-open door, probably kind of hard to identify. She makes a small smirk, and withdraws her head from the room. Well, there are still people here, she'll have to be careful.

Nov 06 21:36:27 <MikeM> Another rumble sounds in the distance.

Nov 06 21:37:58 * Kiirga moves down the hall to the other readily available door.

Nov 06 21:39:39 <MikeM> This door opens easily. There are two tables, a coffee machine, and a half-full box of donuts. No people, however.

Nov 06 21:40:47 <Kiirga>      Break room. Nothing interesting here. Hmm... She heads through this room to the door she sees on the far side and looks out through there.

Nov 06 21:42:00 <MikeM> From here you can see the underside of the stairs and part of the entrance door. The halls are wide enough for two people to comfortably walk side by side.

Nov 06 21:43:38 <Kiirga>      And walking out that way will bring her into the firing arc of the turret... probably best to go check those upper catwalks in the garage, so she heads back to there.

Nov 06 21:45:59 <MikeM> While there are no stairs, it is a hop, skip, and jump from the dragon to the catwalk. Which door do you enter? The door on the east wall, or the door on the south wall?

Nov 06 21:47:02 <Kiirga>      After a quick climb up her mech and a little scamper up the railing, she lands on the catwalk. Two doors... Let's check the south first.

Nov 06 21:47:29 <MikeM> Good choice. A quick peek reveals

Nov 06 21:48:19 <MikeM> Another laser turret on the north end, two small offices, an open area, and the stairs.

Nov 06 21:49:56 <Kiirga>      (When you say north end, is that in that little alcove there?)

Nov 06 21:51:00 <MikeM> (Yes, the turret is positioned so it can fire down the hall and onto the stairs.

Nov 06 21:51:03 <MikeM> )

Nov 06 21:52:46 <Kiirga>      And there's the second one. Might be able to get close enough to that one through the other door... but first, let's check the room that's not guarded by it.

Nov 06 21:54:31 <MikeM> This door opens easily. Inside is what appears to be a mostly-assembled humanoid android. The sleeping bot is hooked to several laptops.

Nov 06 21:55:38 <MikeM> Its legs lay on a table, but the arms and head are attached to the torso.

Nov 06 21:56:00 <Kiirga>      Oooh, now THAT'S interesting. She steps inside and cautiously approaches the partial android.

Nov 06 21:57:44 <MikeM> It does not move.

Nov 06 21:58:29 * Kiirga approaches to within five feet of the robot and examines it. (Should I roll robot mechanics?)

Nov 06 22:00:05 <MikeM> (I'm not exactly sure of its design or components, as it's not my design. It won't be functional right now.)

Nov 06 22:00:55 <Kiirga>      (So no use in doing a telemechanics on it, then.)

Nov 06 22:02:04 <MikeM> (Not tonight. Hopefully in the near future.)

Nov 06 22:04:50 <Kiirga>      Definitely something she'll want to come check back in on after she's cleared the building... don't really have time for a telemechanics spell right now. She leaves the thing be, and heads out of the room. She takes a deep breath... okay. Here we go. She steps out into the firing range of the turret just long enough to draw its attention, then darts back behind the cover of the wall.

Nov 06 22:06:32 <MikeM> The turret fires a burst in your direction, singeing the walls with laser blasts.

Nov 06 22:08:54 * Kiirga ducks back into the garage while it's shooting at the wall, and rushes its position from the eastern door, hopefully before it can turn to face her. Her hoof glows as she gets in close to it, and she uses a combination of her gem magic and telemechanics to access the machine like she would one of her own.

Nov 06 22:11:23 <MikeM> !roll 1d20

Nov 06 22:11:23 <GameServ>    MikeM rolled 1d20: 12  <Total: 12>

Nov 06 22:11:38 <MikeM> !roll 2d6

Nov 06 22:11:38 <GameServ>    MikeM rolled 2d6: 2 4  <Total: 6>

Nov 06 22:12:06 <MikeM> The laser turret gets off one shot before your powers take control, but you stop further bursts.

Nov 06 22:13:50 * Kiirga takes a deep breath, then chuckles softly. That could have gone much worse. She pries the turret's casing open with her sword and makes short work of disabling it permanently.

Nov 06 22:16:04 <MikeM> The smell of a little burnt fur lingers in the air as you complete your work.

Nov 06 22:18:25 * Kiirga wipes off the singed parts of her fur as she finishes, frowning lightly. Guh, she hates when that happens, but that's the danger of working with magic and machines sometimes. But now she has easy access to the remaining room on this floor, which she makes use of now.

Nov 06 22:20:09 <MikeM> This room is full of servers on the north and east wall. The west wall has a long desk with three workstations. Along the south wall is a printer and a telephone.

Nov 06 22:20:22 <MikeM> Still no people.

Nov 06 22:22:15 <Kiirga>      Servers! Perfect. Now she can get at the data she needs. She makes a quick check of the room, finds no people, and takes up a position at a workstation, obviously not designed for hooves. She places one to it anyway and works through the machine to determine what kind of information is stored on these servers.

Nov 06 22:25:17 <MikeM> Your search reveals information about things you've seen, and things you've suspected. There are several directories referencing "rift," "containment," and "D-Bees," as well as some for robotics, and another which is called "Operation Pasternak."

Nov 06 22:26:55 <Kiirga>      Lots of good stuff on here... She is a little worried by this 'Operation Pasternak', though, and takes a look at that.

Nov 06 22:28:24 <MikeM> You find spreadsheets with data about various crystals, experiments on radio transmission and ISP, and diagrams of human anatomy. Several files contain x-ray images of heads.

Nov 06 22:29:04 <MikeM> There are also lengthy essays of psychological experiments.

Nov 06 22:29:53 * Kiirga reads through this... and her eyes slowly widen up. This must be what that magic outside was. That must be why Shamon was going nuts around it. Maybe even why he didn't remember her? She looks through these for any references to him.

Nov 06 22:31:16 <MikeM> The newest files are dated from this week, and the subject is only identified as "Patient S."

Nov 06 22:31:47 * Kiirga takes a look at these, then.

Nov 06 22:33:28 <MikeM> The reports are short, and speak of success in memory enhancement and device performance. Patient S. is now dependable and a model citizen.

Nov 06 22:34:35 <Kiirga>      Memory enhancement. Right. She looks through the files for schematics on this device and the method through which they had suppressed his memories.

Nov 06 22:36:59 <MikeM> Several x-rays show an object in the head, beneath the patient's skin. There are also plans for some kind of crystal device worn by the patient.

Nov 06 22:39:13 <Kiirga>      Beneath the skin... Ugh. If she can find one of these things not implanted, she could figure out how to turn it off and safely remove it... She looks now for references to where these devices might be stored.

Nov 06 22:40:23 <MikeM> You find information about a lab in Chi-town, but nothing here.

Nov 06 22:42:17 <Kiirga>      Nothing here? Hm. She's gonna have to figure it out on the one he has, then... that's gonna be fuuuuuun. For now, she grabs the servers' data cores and brings them back to the mech.

Nov 06 22:47:31 <MikeM> A flash of blue light illuminates the bay, soon followed by rumbling.

Nov 06 22:49:13 * Kiirga places the server cores in the mech, and checks on Shamon

Nov 06 22:49:37 * Shamon isn't moving or speaking

Nov 06 22:49:53 <Kiirga>      "Hey. You fall asleep up there?"

Nov 06 22:50:08 * Shamon doesn't respond

Nov 06 22:52:04 <Kiirga>      "HEY." She says louder, and taps her flight suit-covered hoof against his foot.

Nov 06 22:52:26 * Shamon looks at her, staying quiet

Nov 06 22:52:39 <Kiirga>      "You still feeling all crazy?"

Nov 06 22:52:56 <Shamon>      "..."

Nov 06 22:54:06 <Kiirga>      "Oooookay then. Well, from what I've found? Sounds like they stuck something in your head that's messing with you, and I think these bursts are just making you worse."

Nov 06 22:54:56 <Shamon>      "Yeah, right, whatever"

Nov 06 22:55:39 <Kiirga>      "Yeah. You heard of something called 'Operation Pasternak'?"

Nov 06 22:55:53 <Shamon>      ".. No"

Nov 06 22:56:46 <Kiirga>      "Figures. Point is, they were experimenting with radio waves and ISP. Running some kind of psychological experiments on people."

Nov 06 22:57:35 * Shamon shakes his head "that's crazy talk. Leave me alone, you're crazy"

Nov 06 22:58:28 <Kiirga>      "I have proof. I took some data cores that have their logs, their reports, x-rays of people's heads with these things in them."

Nov 06 22:58:48 <Shamon>      "I'll believe it when I see it"

Nov 06 23:00:01 <Kiirga>      "Fine." She climbs up into the mech and grabs a couple cores... yeah, this is the one. She loads it into one of the mobile screens and takes it with her to show it to Shamon.

Nov 06 23:01:59 <Shamon>      "How do I know you haven't faked this? You were in there a long time"

Nov 06 23:02:35 <Kiirga>      "I've got more. A lot more. More than I could have possibly faked in that time."

Nov 06 23:03:17 <Shamon>      "I don't believe it, you're making this all up!"

Nov 06 23:04:42 <Kiirga>      "Why would I come here, risk my life fighting off all these CS troops and this freaking laser turret..." She rubs the singed spot on her flight suit. "All to mess with your head?"

Nov 06 23:05:56 <Shamon>      "Because.. Because... Because, you're after something else! I'm just caught in the middle, and you're using me to help!"

Nov 06 23:07:16 <Kiirga>      "I already have what I came for." She wiggles the data pad towards you. "... though there was a cool robot in there that caught my interest too. Maybe I should grab that while I'm here." She shakes her head. "Anyway. I had no idea you were going to be here."

Nov 06 23:08:28 <Shamon>      "I just happened to be, and we're here now! Just let be go, and I'll be on my way"

Nov 06 23:09:27 <Kiirga>      "You really want to go, even with the possibility that the people you're working for stuck some sort of memory altering thing in your head?"

Nov 06 23:10:27 <Shamon>      "Something you seem to know an awful lot about. Perhaps you put it on me!"

Nov 06 23:12:10 <Kiirga>      "I only know what I read in a few reports. I really don't know much more than I've told you, I'd have to look through more of these files myself."

Nov 06 23:12:37 <Shamon>      "Well I don't believe you, and that's that!"

Nov 06 23:14:03 <Kiirga>      "And why not? Is it because I'm not human? Just because I happen to be on this world through circumstances outside of my control?"

Nov 06 23:14:38 * Shamon closes his eyes and ignores her

Nov 06 23:15:19 <Kiirga>      "That seems like a pretty crappy reason to not listen to someone. Especially if they're saying something this important."

Nov 06 23:15:48 * Shamon continues to ignore her

Nov 06 23:17:19 <Kiirga>      "You know, I thought it was pretty cool of you to ignore that and help me save all those civilians before. You didn't care then about what I looked like."

Nov 06 23:18:38 <Shamon>      "I'll say it once, and once only. I don't care. Nothing you say will change my mind"

Nov 06 23:19:58 <Kiirga>      "Mmhmm." She raises a hoof towards the mech's forelimbs, and her hoof can be seen glowing through her jumpsuit. The arms lower you down, and she inspects your head for where this device might have been implanted.

Nov 06 23:22:00 * Shamon has bandages wrapped around his head, and he struggles anyway

Nov 06 23:22:48 <Kiirga>      "Oh, hold still. I just want to find this thing." She recalls from the images where they had implanted the device, and looks around there.

Nov 06 23:23:19 <MikeM> There is a small scar on the back of Shamon's head. He's a soldier though, and it's a rough business.

Nov 06 23:23:43 <Shamon>      "Get away from me, you.. Freak!"

Nov 06 23:25:07 <Kiirga>      "Shhh. Just hold still." She pokes around there to see if she can feel anything under his skin.

Nov 06 23:27:42 <MikeM> Some kind of small lump is detectable. It's no bigger than a pea.

Nov 06 23:29:32 <Shamon>      "Get off! Don't touch me!"

Nov 06 23:29:45 <Kiirga>      "Ah, there you are. You feel that right there?"

Nov 06 23:30:18 <Shamon>      "What, the thing you planted?!"

Nov 06 23:32:22 * Kiirga rolls her eyes. "Yes, obviously I planted it so I could tell you all about it." Her voice is dripping with sarcasm. "Now hold still. This might hurt a bit." She unsheathes her sword and carefully makes a small incision with its tip, just on top of the little device.

Nov 06 23:34:16 * Shamon screams and tries to move away

Nov 06 23:35:50 <Kiirga>      Not very far to move while you're held by a giant robot. "Geez. It's just a little cut, calm down." She looks inside, just beneath his skin.

Nov 06 23:36:34 <MikeM> There it is! A little nodule, some very fine wires. Nothing much to look at, really.

Nov 06 23:38:41 * Shamon struggles in his bonds and swears at Kiirga

Nov 06 23:40:16 <Kiirga>      "Okay... Here we go." She gently places her hoof over the cut and her hoof glows once again, her telemechanics kicking in to give her a complete understanding of how this operates - its schematics and operation knowledge become known to her.

Nov 06 23:40:43 * Shamon keeps on swearing

Nov 06 23:40:52 <MikeM> (Whew. I thought you were just going to pop it out.)

Nov 06 23:41:11 <Kiirga>      (No way, not without doing this first.)

Nov 06 23:41:47 <MikeM> The device is not booby-trapped, but it's not clear how his brain will be effected if the device is removed.

Nov 06 23:44:33 <Kiirga>      "Hmm..." She looks through the schematics revealed to her, working on how to restore how his mind was before this thing was stuck in it.

Nov 06 23:45:51 * Shamon keeps saying inappropriate things to Kiirga

Nov 06 23:47:47 <MikeM> There was a line in one of the psych reports about confused memories after removal of the implant. The patient did not die, however.

Nov 06 23:54:13 <Kiirga>      A lack of death is good, but still... His memories are already confused. She's still hesitant to just take it out, though. "Geez, would you settle down? I'm trying to help you here."

Nov 07 00:01:01 <Shamon>      "Just leave me alone all ready!"

Nov 07 00:02:09 <Kiirga>      "Not while this thing is messing with your head." She sighs softly... And starts working on getting the parts of this thing that was altering his personality and supressing his memories turned off.

Nov 07 00:04:07 <MikeM> The device loses functionality.

Designed & Coded by: Maiyunbby
Art by: kaiyuan
  • Drinking: Tea.

Technoteft Part 4

Mon Jan 23, 2017, 7:00 AM

 It is midmorning, and the bug has been successfully reinstalled on the radio, but now you can record and decode its signals. It is Friday, March 27, 101 PA. The sky is partly cloudy, with a threat of rain from the west. From Aubergine to Novgorod is another 170 km of unpaved roads and trails, and you are leaving the 'populated' area of civilization. Neither Pancho nor Lefty have been sighted this morning. Grizelda lands next to the truck and looks around. "We leaving today or what? I'd like to not fly in the rain."

 "Where are your friends, gryphon?" Kawai calls out.

 "I don't know. Probably sleeping." She picks her teeth with a talon.

     "Well, they're supposed to be driving, so..." Kiirga muses.

 "Please fetch them for us."

Grizelda is gone for a few minutes, and returns with the other two.  Pancho says, "Whew. I slept like a log. Let's go." He hops up in the truck, makes sure everyone is ready, and pulls out of the lot. Lefty follows in the atv. Kawai waves them over before disappearing into her Juggernaut. She turns on her radio opening a line to Kiirga's dragon and the truck's Compu. Kiirga hangs out in the dragon for the time being, waiting around and watching through the dragon's eyes.

 "Can you hear me?" Kawai asks.

      "I read you loud and clear."

 "Let's move out."

      "Let's," she agrees. The dragon remains still and silent, under the tarp on the back of the truck as they head off down the road. All is well for the first 20 minutes. However, as Pancho navigates a particularly rough stretch and crests a hill, they see a roadblock ahead.

 "What do we have here?"

There is a string of razor wire across the road, and an armored jeep sits to the side. They can see one person behind the gun on top of the jeep, and two on the ground. They all wear power armor, but one of them is not wearing a helmet. She looks familiar.

"Don't touch anything." she removes herself from her Juggernaut, "It is probably rigged. Does anyone have pliers?"

 "Probably a CS roadblock... I'll lay low in here with Surry, just in case."

 The power armor and jeep are not CS designs, as far as Kiirga can tell. Kiirga watches through her dragon's eyes... Hmm... Maybe it's not CS... but who else would be out here? This was supposed to be the road to a CS base, right?

 Kawai just noticed the people in the trees so she returns to her Juggernaut, "I'll shake them out." removes the tarp. Opens up the loudspeaker, "We see you. Surrender peacefully."

 Shireen laughs and responds, "Surrender? Noo, come out and talk. We just have some questions." The other person on the ground moves a few paces away from Shireen and the jeep.

Kawai moves her Juggernaut towards the jeep, "Lay down your weapons and come out where we all can see you. Then I will show myself."

 Shireen looks at the other two and nods. Jeep guy gets out and removes his helmet, and the third person puts down his rocket launcher and also removes his helmet. The rocket launcher guy says, "We don't want trouble."

 Kawai slides out of her mech, smiles at Shireen, "It is good to see you. Does this mean you are up for that sparing match?"

 Surreal_Nightmares whispers to Kiirga, "We need them to unload their weapons. We don't want them to be ready if they fight."

 Kiirga watches her screen quietly... Huh. Some friend of Kawai's? She moves her hoof away from the weapons controls and smiles lightly... Well, she'll still stay quiet for now. "Kawai seems to know them, that's good enough for me."

 Shireen shakes her head. "Afraid I'll have to take a rain check. We're on duty now."

 "Which brings up our questions. We're part of the Regional Task Force to Prevent Needless Deaths. We just want to know some things so you might not get killed out there."

 "That is considerate of you."

 "Can your friends come out, too? We'd like to see them."

Kawai waves to her friends to come out.

Kiirga nods. She puts the headset down over the armrest of her pilot's seat, and hops out of it. She puts a hoof to the hatch and the crystals in it glow. The hatch hisses with the opening of the hydraulic locks, and pops open. She peeks her head up and out, most of her obscured by the pilot's suit she was wearing.

 The shorter man next to Shireen waves at Kiirga. "Hello." He's not so drunk anymore.

 Kiirga climbs out of the mech and stands on its back, giving Surreal_Nightmares the space she needs to climb out, too.

 Surreal_Nightmares climbs out after Kiirga, shutting the hatch with a hind leg. She blinks as natural light greets her eyes, her fur looking a bit ruffled.

The tall man next to Shireen says, "Great, great. My name is Jerna. Like Shireen said, we're here to make sure travelers are safe. We do that by inspecting their equipment and making logs of where they're going, how long they'll be gone, and who to contact in case of emergencies. We've reduced needless deaths by 20% thanks to this system."

 "May I please see identification?

 Jerna points to a gold-painted star on the chest of his power armor. In the middle of the star is written "Security." "Will this work?"

 "It will do."

Jerna replies, "Thanks. So, about your destination?"

 "Mt. Helens."

 "Hmm. Ok. And how long will you be in Mt. Helens?"

 "A week."

 The smaller man keeps a close eye on the ungulates. "And who can we contact if there's an emergency?"

 Kawai fishes a business card from her pocket, "These are my employers." gives the card to Shireen.

 Shireen shows the card to Jerna before replying, "Tolkeen military?" She gives the three of you a long look before pocketing the card.

Jerna clears his throat, "Great. Now we just need to do a safety inspection of your vehicle and cargo."

 Kawai looks up at Kiirga, "Keep an eye on him."

 Kiirga nods. Of course.

Jerna steps forward for Kawai to lead him through the inspection. Kawai points to Kiirga. Kiirga waves down from atop the mech. Jerna climbs ups and inspects the mechs. "Lots of heavy weaponry here. What are you doing in Mt. Helens?"  The mechs seem to be in good condition. The dragon has been heavily modified to be controlled by the crystal magic that Kiirga can channel through her hooves. "They look good. Shouldn't have any problems that you can't deal with. But why so heavily armed? Is Tolkeen expanding?"

 "We are on assignment. Can't discuss the details."

 Shireen says, "Too bad. I do hope you stop here again after you're done out there." Jerna, satisfied with the inspection, hops down and goes to the other man. They move the razor wire from the road and go back to their helmets.

Kawai smiles, "You have my number now. Why not give me a call. My private number is on the back."

The shorter man waves again to Kiirga and Surry and says, "Be safe."

 Shireen smiles and replies, "I'll look you up sometime."

Surreal_Nightmares nods. "You too." She turns to Kiirga with a grin. "I thought that it was some kind of sneak attack," she says with a chuckle.

 "Don't take too long." Kawai studies Shireen's reaction to their dialog.

Kiirga nods and smiles. "You too." She watches down at them, chuckling softly. Yeah... she thought that, too.

 Shireen smiles in a friendly but professional way as their business is concluded.

 Kawai hops into her mech and gives Shireen a curt wave before she vanishes inside.

 Kiirga does much the same, before slipping down into her dragon and beckoning Surry to do the same.

 Pancho is ready to go whenever.

 Surreal_Nightmares drops down after Kiirga, quickly settling into a seat.

 Kawai hovers onto the truckbed, "日付を持っています!"

 Kiirga pulls the hatch back closed, and with a small glow of her hoof, it locks back into place. She sits into her seat, and gently grasps the tarp in the dragon's claw, pulling it back over her tank.

 The three guards put their helmets back on and resume the positions they had when you arrived, but keep their guns in a non-threatening way.

 "Lefty, I'm ready to go." pulls the tarp over them.

 Lefty relays the message to Pancho, who starts the truck and drives off. The guards grow smaller in your sensors, and eventually become too distant to detect. Another 30 km down the road, and the threatening skies open up. It is raining heavily, and the temperature drops ten degrees. Luckily, though, there are no monster attacks or breakdowns. The Missouri river grows ever closer. Pancho calls over Compu, "Hey, what's the plan anyway? Am I just driving up to this gate?"

 "Pull over once you see the town. We plan to walk in. Give it about a mile. Right, Kiirga?"

    "Sounds good to me."

 Kawai waits for them to stop. "Stop on the East side."

 Pancho stops on the east side of the river. A rather rickety looking pontoon bridge is the only means to cross the deep and fast-moving water. "I think I see something over there."

 Kiirga perks an ear up. "Are we there?"

 Lightning flashes. Grizelda lands next to the truck and might be the saddest looking creature you've seen. Soggy.

 "What do you see?"

 Pancho replies over Compu, "Looks like a gate. Can't see much in this rain, though.”

 Kiirga pulls up the map on an auxilliary screen inside the mech and looks at it. "Hmm... this map says that should be the guardhouse."

 Kawai ponders for a good few minutes. Once her plan is complete she makes her announcement over their radio, "Take us further away."

 While Kiirga is looking at the map on her screen, the radar alert sounds. Kiirga's attention immediately diverts over to the navigation console.

 Pancho begins backing up the truck.

 "Let's go 5 miles at least."

 Two sky cycles appear in the rainy sky. They fly fast circles above the group, from a distance of 5 km.

  "Uh, guys? I think we've been spotted."

 An amplified voice calls from the western bank of the river. "Exit your vehicles. Do not move anything except your persons. You will be destroyed if you fail to follow instructions." Pancho bails from the truck and follows Grizelda to a puddle free area 20 meters in front of the truck.  Lefty abandons her atv and joins her compadres.
Kawai primes up Warhawk's wings.

      "Yeah. Definitely spotted."  Kiirga already has the mech running silent, all the systems have been up and running for a while as they started to approach, aside from any of the loud motors. Just waiting for the signal.

 Kawai whooshes after the sky cycles, tackling the one unlucky enough to be closest. The sky cycles see her coming one kilometer away, and dodges her lunge. The second sky cycle takes aim at Kawai with plasma missile and scores a hit.

Surry prods Kiirga, "Hey, is there any way I can help? My gun is still locked in the truck and I can't get it."

"Alright, Surry, here we go!" The mech's motors start humming to life mere moments after Kawai's attack, but, since the bikes are still out of firing range, she stays in position. "Yeah, yeah, take up position in the secondary gunner's seat, you can work the secondary weapon systems."

Surry quickly switches seats, climbing into the gunner's seat and activating the consoles, quickly bringing up available weapons and firing solutions. She brings up a firing solution for a shoulder-mounted mini-missile launcher and fires a single shot at the second sky cycle, testing to see if it will hit. The sky cycles are moving to avoid being shot, while staying steady enough to continue aiming. Surry quickly selects an armor piercing missile and fires a single one at the second sky cycle as a test if it would hit or not. The missile comes very close to the target, and its blast radius damages the sky cycle.
Suddenly, there's a mighty series of flashes and a roar of fire as sixty shells fly at Kiirga's mech from deep in the encampment!
The projectiles hit various places on the dragon, causing some surface damage. 'Being fired on, are we?' she thinks, she hears the impacts, and a blinking impact warning appears on the screen in the corner. The mech raises up onto all fours, and the head turns towards the bikes that Kawai is fighting. It runs off towards the bikes to get into range, and, once it is, the mech opens its mouth, and a green energy gathers inside for a moment before blasting off towards the bike that Kawai was not next to, so she won't accidentally hit her friend.
The sky cycles swerve in the air, circling between both of the dragons for a few minutes more. The main base being altered fires a turreted barrage on the black steaming dragon that Kawai is piloting. But our heroes fire back. The sky cycles spins out of control and crashes into the river, where it quickly sinks.The only obstacle now is from the base. Kiirga smirks lightly as the skycyles goes down. "Good hit, Surry!"
Blam! Blam! Blam! Another blast of rail gun fire comes from across the river, again aimed at Kawai's dragon. The high speed projectiles hit Warhawk all over.

Surry smirks as she imagines herself shooting Kawai's Iron Juggernaut mouth... She shakes it off and selects the unknown spiderskull walker, quickly acquiring a firing solution. She prepares to shoot the barrage of four AP missiles again. "I swear to God, these missiles are my drug," she says to no one in particular as she fires them. The missiles dig into foul creation.

 Shamon returns fire with an armor piercing mini missle! Kiirga 's mech brushes off the attack like all the others, little more than denting the tank's plated armor. She quite agrees with Surry's judgement... let's not shoot at the thing our friend is latched onto. Her attention turns away from the circling cycles and out towards the walker that had been firing on her. 'That's enough out of you, yeah,' She chuckles at Surry's commentary as she charges the plasma cannon once again, green energy pouring from its mouth in a short burst of blazing hot plasma, streaking towards the walker. The skull bot is pushed back by the strength of your attack, and immediately targets Kiirga's mech with its railguns. aiming for its front legs.

 Surry smacks her lips and flopsies her ears before selecting the same target and same arms to attack with. She launches her missiles in a barrage of four. Again. Kiirga startles a bit from the loud impact to the front legs of her mech. The damage readout said that that one actually did a bit of damage, too. "Oooh..." She frowns, and, with her sights still set upon the walker, and her hoof glows a little brighter with its commands to the machine. The mouth glows once more, the light sharply defining the many sharp teeth within it for a moment before that light lances out against the walker that had damaged her tank.

The lance of light damages the walker. It can no longer use its searchlight, and one of the legs is inoperable. The walker responds by aiming at Surry's missile turret. A flash and loud noise, and another round of rail gun projectiles head towards the dragon.

 The pilot, noticing his altitude, decides against jumping out just yet. He waits for another opportunity.

Oct 22 23:46:28 <MikeM> Kawai's go at the spider, then.

Oct 22 23:47:09 <Kawai> !roll 1d20+2

Oct 22 23:47:09 <GameServ>    Kawai rolled 1d20: 14  <Total: 14(+2) = 16>

Oct 22 23:47:35 <Kawai> (Is that good enough to get a grip on the driver?)

Oct 22 23:48:08 <Kawai> (I'm digging  in with my claws to gain the grip.)

Oct 22 23:48:31 <MikeM> You successfully grasp the pilot

Oct 22 23:49:03 * Kawai tosses the driver away to who knows where. (Strike?)

Oct 22 23:49:41 <MikeM> Nah. He's out of the fight now.

Oct 22 23:49:47 <Kawai> !roll 1d20+15

Oct 22 23:49:47 <GameServ>    Kawai rolled 1d20: 2  <Total: 2(+15) = 17>

Oct 22 23:50:16 <MikeM> The throw was a long one. The pilot will be napping for some time after that landing.

Oct 22 23:50:21 <Kawai> (Cool! That should be my turn. Driver is dead. Onto better targets.)

Oct 22 23:51:07 <MikeM> Surry's attack

Oct 22 23:53:01 * Surreal_Nightmares sighs at the damage reports the monitors around her bring up. "Dear God, just freakin' die!" she exclaims at the walker. She shows what she means by firing four plasma missiles at it.

Oct 22 23:53:10 <Surreal_Nightmares>      !roll 1d6*10

Oct 22 23:53:11 <GameServ>    Surreal_Nightmares rolled 1d6: 3  <Total: 3(*10) = 30>

Oct 22 23:53:15 <Surreal_Nightmares>      !roll 1d20

Oct 22 23:53:15 <GameServ>    Surreal_Nightmares rolled 1d20: 16  <Total: 16>

Oct 22 23:54:55 <MikeM> The missiles all impact this time, and a laser turret is no longer functional.

Oct 23 00:02:09 * Kawai zooms down after the Spider Walker. It is a full on body blow.

Oct 23 00:03:22 <Kawai> !roll 1d20+15

Oct 23 00:03:22 <GameServ>    Kawai rolled 1d20: 17  <Total: 17(+15) = 32>

Oct 23 00:03:41 <MikeM> The 28 ton machine is knocked sideways.

Oct 23 00:03:42 <Kawai> (Flying power block counts as three actions.)

Oct 23 00:04:03 <Kawai> !roll 1d6

Oct 23 00:04:03 <GameServ>    Kawai rolled 1d6: 2  <Total: 2>

Oct 23 00:04:36 <Kawai> (30.)

Oct 23 00:05:43 <MikeM> The crew inside feels the damage, and loads more ammo.

Oct 23 00:06:07 <MikeM> Three attacks down.

Oct 23 00:07:21 * Kawai tears into the machine with both claws trying to create an opening.

Oct 23 00:07:40 * Kawai punches first.

Oct 23 00:07:55 <Kawai> !roll 1d20+15

Oct 23 00:07:55 <GameServ>    Kawai rolled 1d20: 6  <Total: 6(+15) = 21>

Oct 23 00:07:59 <Kawai> !roll 1d20+15

Oct 23 00:07:59 <GameServ>    Kawai rolled 1d20: 10  <Total: 10(+15) = 25>

Oct 23 00:08:10 <Kawai> (Both punches hit?)

Oct 23 00:08:21 <MikeM> (Yup)

Oct 23 00:08:38 <Kawai> (Those punches are one attack since I have paired weapons.)

Oct 23 00:08:48 <MikeM> The machine is well armored, and capable of withstanding intense abuse.

Oct 23 00:08:51 <Kawai> !roll 6d6

Oct 23 00:08:51 <GameServ>    Kawai rolled 6d6: 5 3 6 2 4 6  <Total: 26>

Oct 23 00:08:54 <Kawai> !roll 6d6

Oct 23 00:08:54 <GameServ>    Kawai rolled 6d6: 1 1 6 1 3 1  <Total: 13>

Oct 23 00:10:46 * Kawai slams both fists into it as hard as they can. (Twin power punch)

Oct 23 00:10:49 <MikeM> The hits do damage the armor, however. The machine loses use of another leg, so it now only has four operable limbs.

Oct 23 00:10:56 <Kawai> !roll 1d20+15

Oct 23 00:10:56 <GameServ>    Kawai rolled 1d20: 10  <Total: 10(+15) = 25>

Oct 23 00:10:59 <Kawai> !roll 1d20+15

Oct 23 00:10:59 <GameServ>    Kawai rolled 1d20: 8  <Total: 8(+15) = 23>

Oct 23 00:11:26 <Kawai> !roll 2d4

Oct 23 00:11:26 <GameServ>    Kawai rolled 2d4: 2 3  <Total: 5>

Oct 23 00:11:28 <Kawai> !roll 2d4

Oct 23 00:11:29 <GameServ>    Kawai rolled 2d4: 1 4  <Total: 5>

Oct 23 00:11:55 <Kawai> (100 total and that used up two actions.)

Oct 23 00:12:21 <MikeM> More damage from the smashing. The lower laser turret is broken, and some of the outer armor is torn.

Oct 23 00:13:09 <MikeM> Everyone re-roll initiative

Oct 23 00:13:15 <MikeM> !roll 1d20

Oct 23 00:13:16 <GameServ>    MikeM rolled 1d20: 4  <Total: 4>

Oct 23 00:13:34 <Surreal_Nightmares>      !roll 1d20

Oct 23 00:13:34 <GameServ>    Surreal_Nightmares rolled 1d20: 15  <Total: 15>

Oct 23 00:13:39 <Kawai> !roll 1d20+2

Oct 23 00:13:39 <GameServ>    Kawai rolled 1d20: 20  <Total: 20(+2) = 22>

Oct 23 00:14:11 <Shamon>      !roll 1d20

Oct 23 00:14:11 <GameServ>    Shamon rolled 1d20: 15  <Total: 15>

Oct 23 00:16:50 <Kiirga>      !roll 1d20

Oct 23 00:16:51 <GameServ>    Kiirga rolled 1d20: 14  <Total: 14>

Oct 23 00:18:33 <MikeM> The order is Kawai, Surry, Shamon, Kiirga, and the spider.

Oct 23 00:18:51 <Kawai> (Twin power punch.)

Oct 23 00:19:00 <Kawai> !roll 1d20+15

Oct 23 00:19:00 <GameServ>    Kawai rolled 1d20: 14  <Total: 14(+15) = 29>

Oct 23 00:19:04 <Kawai> !roll 1d20+15

Oct 23 00:19:04 <GameServ>    Kawai rolled 1d20: 9  <Total: 9(+15) = 24>

Oct 23 00:19:14 <Kawai> !roll 2d4

Oct 23 00:19:14 <GameServ>    Kawai rolled 2d4: 4 1  <Total: 5>

Oct 23 00:19:16 <Kawai> !roll 2d4

Oct 23 00:19:16 <GameServ>    Kawai rolled 2d4: 3 2  <Total: 5>

Oct 23 00:19:55 <Kawai> (100 more MD to the side of the Spiderwalker.)

Oct 23 00:20:36 <MikeM> The armor becomes more dented and broken with each hit. You can now see the internal crew capsule through some gaps.

Oct 23 00:21:38 <Kawai> (I almost forgot something.)

Oct 23 00:21:58 <Kawai> !roll 4d6

Oct 23 00:21:58 <GameServ>    Kawai rolled 4d6: 5 4 5 1  <Total: 15>

Oct 23 00:22:11 <Kawai> (Body heals 15 MD)

Oct 23 00:24:37 <Surreal_Nightmares>      (Who's still alive?)

Oct 23 00:25:08 <MikeM> The current enemies are Shamon and the spider skull

Oct 23 00:27:12 <MikeM> The spider skull has rail gun which still works, and Shamon has one.

Oct 23 00:31:12 <MikeM> You're up, Surreal_Nightmares

Oct 23 00:42:47 <Surreal_Nightmares>      (Woops.)

Oct 23 00:43:13 * Surreal_Nightmares sighs and fires her plasma missiles again, at the spider. "Boom?"

Oct 23 00:43:17 <Surreal_Nightmares>      !roll 1d6*10

Oct 23 00:43:17 <GameServ>    Surreal_Nightmares rolled 1d6: 5  <Total: 5(*10) = 50>

Oct 23 00:43:22 <Surreal_Nightmares>      !roll 1d20

Oct 23 00:43:22 <GameServ>    Surreal_Nightmares rolled 1d20: 3  <Total: 3>

Oct 23 00:43:49 <MikeM> Bust. The missiles fly wide, and one of them impacts uncomfortably close to Shamon

Oct 23 00:44:29 <MikeM> Whose turn it is now

Oct 23 00:46:24 * Shamon trying to get me now, eh? Take this! He opens up on Kiirga's mech with his rail gun!

Oct 23 00:46:29 <Shamon>      !roll 1d20

Oct 23 00:46:30 <GameServ>    Shamon rolled 1d20: 5  <Total: 5>

Oct 23 00:46:45 <Shamon>      !roll 1d6*10

Oct 23 00:46:46 <GameServ>    Shamon rolled 1d6: 4  <Total: 4(*10) = 40>

Oct 23 00:47:32 <MikeM> The burst strikes many areas of the dragon, but causes minimal damage.

Oct 23 00:48:32 <MikeM> Will Kiirga's next action put our poor spider out of its misery?

Oct 23 00:48:44 <Kiirga>      hopefully!

Oct 23 00:51:02 * Kiirga snorts towards the spider. Looks to be on its last legs after Kawai's onslaught. Let's finish this one off, why don't we? She charges the main cannon one more time, and another blast of plasma pours fourth from its mouth to attack the spider.

Oct 23 00:51:07 <Kiirga>      !roll 1d20+12

Oct 23 00:51:07 <GameServ>    Kiirga rolled 1d20: 20  <Total: 20(+12) = 32>

Oct 23 00:51:16 <Kiirga>      (Ooh. Is that a crit?)

Oct 23 00:51:28 <Kawai> (It is!)

Oct 23 00:51:43 <Kiirga>      !roll 1d4*10

Oct 23 00:51:43 <GameServ>    Kiirga rolled 1d4: 2  <Total: 2(*10) = 20>

Oct 23 00:51:48 <MikeM> (Double damage!)

Oct 23 00:53:33 <MikeM> Kiirga's plasma pours through a gap in the outer shell and reduces the inner armor to critical levels. The remaining rail gun is no longer capable of burst fire.

Oct 23 00:54:22 <MikeM> The spider targets Kiirga's dragon leg again.

Oct 23 00:54:25 <MikeM> !roll 1d20

Oct 23 00:54:26 <GameServ>    MikeM rolled 1d20: 19  <Total: 19>

Oct 23 00:54:48 <MikeM> !roll 1d4

Oct 23 00:54:48 <GameServ>    MikeM rolled 1d4: 3  <Total: 3>

Oct 23 00:55:04 <MikeM> It is a strike, but not very dangerous.

Oct 23 00:55:16 <MikeM> Back to Kawai

Oct 23 00:55:46 * Kawai breathes fire into the hole Warhawk made.

Oct 23 00:56:07 <Kawai> !roll 1d20

Oct 23 00:56:07 <GameServ>    Kawai rolled 1d20: 9  <Total: 9>

Oct 23 00:56:19 <Kawai> +6 I guess

Oct 23 00:56:27 <Kawai> Hit?

Oct 23 00:56:52 <MikeM> A good amount of the fire pours into the hole

Oct 23 00:57:13 <Kawai> !roll 6d6

Oct 23 00:57:13 <GameServ>    Kawai rolled 6d6: 1 1 2 2 3 4  <Total: 13>

Oct 23 00:57:50 <Kawai> 13 mD

Oct 23 00:58:36 <MikeM> The armor is further damaged. Environmental control systems have failed. The crew is no doubt very hot.

Oct 23 00:59:25 <MikeM> Surreal_Nightmares' missiles might have better luck this time.

Oct 23 01:01:26 * Surreal_Nightmares facedesks and fires her missiles again, all plasma, all four. "Damn you, just... damn it!"

Oct 23 01:01:30 <Surreal_Nightmares>      !roll 1d6*10

Oct 23 01:01:30 <GameServ>    Surreal_Nightmares rolled 1d6: 6  <Total: 6(*10) = 60>

Oct 23 01:01:35 <Surreal_Nightmares>      !roll 1d20

Oct 23 01:01:35 <GameServ>    Surreal_Nightmares rolled 1d20: 20  <Total: 20>

Oct 23 01:02:52 <MikeM> Like a latter-day Robin Hood, Surry's missiles all impact at the same point. The resulting explosion completely obliterates the Spider-Skull Walker.

Oct 23 01:05:15 <MikeM> The battle has no doubt been reported to command at Novgorod.

Oct 23 01:05:34 <MikeM> And Shamon has the next action.

Oct 23 01:06:39 * Shamon extends his knuckle blades and moves to engage Kawai in hand to hand combat!

Oct 23 01:12:12 <Shamon>      !roll 1d20

Oct 23 01:12:12 <GameServ>    Shamon rolled 1d20: 12  <Total: 12>

Oct 23 01:12:24 <Shamon>      !roll 1d4

Oct 23 01:12:24 <GameServ>    Shamon rolled 1d4: 3  <Total: 3>

Oct 23 01:12:30 <Shamon>      !roll 1d6

Oct 23 01:12:31 <GameServ>    Shamon rolled 1d6: 6  <Total: 6>

Oct 23 01:12:39 <Shamon>      (Woo)

Oct 23 01:13:14 <MikeM> (Are you still flying, Kawai?)

Oct 23 01:13:42 <Kawai> (Heavens no. I fought that Spiderwalker on the ground)

Oct 23 01:14:33 <MikeM> The punch strikes the armor, but succeeds only in wiping some dirt off its surface.

Oct 23 01:15:13 <Kawai> (SDC?)

Oct 23 01:16:22 <MikeM> (Yeah. It's just a punch.)

Oct 23 01:17:41 * Kawai rears up, Warhawk's clawed feet pound the ground as they face Shamon, towering over him at 30 feet. Boom! goes a backhand on Shamon.

Oct 23 01:17:53 <Kawai> !roll 1d20+15

Oct 23 01:17:53 <GameServ>    Kawai rolled 1d20: 14  <Total: 14(+15) = 29>

Oct 23 01:18:05 <Kawai> (Does I hit the Shamon?)

Oct 23 01:18:14 <MikeM> Definitely a hit

Oct 23 01:18:31 * Shamon (dodge it, totes :v)

Oct 23 01:18:53 <Kawai> !roll 6d4

Oct 23 01:18:53 <GameServ>    Kawai rolled 6d4: 4 3 3 2 1 4  <Total: 17>

Oct 23 01:19:34 <Kawai> (Back hands are less than normal punch.)

Oct 23 01:19:44 <MikeM> The impact of the backhand knocks shamon down. His ears ring.

Oct 23 01:20:44 <MikeM> Any action from Kiirga?

Oct 23 01:20:46 * Shamon is on his back now

Oct 23 01:23:33 <Kawai> (That was my turn.)

Oct 23 01:24:07 <MikeM> (noted)

Oct 23 01:24:47 * Kiirga sees Kawai taking on the remaining guard, and starts bringing in the tank on the two, if she sees her friend in need of some assistance. But, as usual, she seems to be holding her own quite well in hand-to-hand.

Oct 23 01:26:11 <MikeM> (Does Shamon continue to fight?)

Oct 23 01:26:58 * Shamon slowly climbs back to his feet and levels his railgun at Kawai

Oct 23 01:28:57 <Kiirga>      Gun! She moves in faster, running at Shamon from the side while he's got his attention on Kawai, meaning to tackle him to the ground with her mech's sheer weight.

Oct 23 01:29:33 <Kawai> (Don't you guys have to cross that bridge?)

Oct 23 01:30:11 <MikeM> The pontoon bridge is approximately 50 meters long

Oct 23 01:30:27 <Kiirga>      (Oh, right ._.)

Oct 23 01:31:15 * Shamon aims his rockets at Kiirga now too, hearing them moving so quickly.

Oct 23 01:34:52 <MikeM> I think you're up then, Kawai

Oct 23 01:36:03 * Kawai because he is so low he is in leg range. Lifts a single leg and shoves.

Oct 23 01:36:19 <Kawai> !roll 1d20+15

Oct 23 01:36:19 <GameServ>    Kawai rolled 1d20: 5  <Total: 5(+15) = 20>

Oct 23 01:36:31 <MikeM> Full body-foot contact

Oct 23 01:37:02 <Kawai> !roll 6d6

Oct 23 01:37:03 <GameServ>    Kawai rolled 6d6: 1 5 5 3 2 2  <Total: 18>

Oct 23 01:37:25 <MikeM> The shove knocks Shamon over, and he loses grip on the rail gun and rocket launcher

Oct 23 01:38:11 <MikeM> Kiirga's just arriving from dashing across the bridge.

Oct 23 01:40:04 * Shamon is knocked down again. Something gets knocked loose, and his systems go down. Rebooting...

Oct 23 01:41:37 * Kiirga slows down. Yeah, Kawai is  taking care of it just fine. But she will take the opportunity to put the mech's leg down on Shamon's arm and pin it down.

Oct 23 01:42:10 <MikeM> He is suitably restrained

Oct 23 01:42:51 <Kawai> (Who's turn is it?)

Oct 23 01:43:14 <MikeM> Yours.

Oct 23 01:43:53 <Changeling_Nightmares>   (Floof.)

Oct 23 01:43:57 * Kawai goes over the the soldier and stomps on it's head.

Oct 23 01:44:17 <Kawai> !roll 1d20+12

Oct 23 01:44:17 <GameServ>    Kawai rolled 1d20: 9  <Total: 9(+12) = 21>

Oct 23 01:44:27 <MikeM> That's also 4 actions for everyone, except for Surry, who has one left.

Oct 23 01:44:47 <MikeM> Your foot connects with the armored head

Oct 23 01:44:50 <Kawai> !roll 2d4

Oct 23 01:44:50 <GameServ>    Kawai rolled 2d4: 3 4  <Total: 7>

Oct 23 01:45:42 <MikeM> The damage is significant, but the helmet holds.

Oct 23 01:47:10 <MikeM> 6 attacks left.

Oct 23 01:47:23 * Shamon screams, and claws weakly at the helmet

Oct 23 01:47:34 <Kawai> (My turns?)

Oct 23 01:47:39 <MikeM> (Yup)

Oct 23 01:48:04 * Kawai stomps again to stop the screaming.

Oct 23 01:48:11 <Kawai> !roll 2d4

Oct 23 01:48:11 <GameServ>    Kawai rolled 2d4: 1 1  <Total: 2>

Oct 23 01:48:39 <Kawai> And again...

Oct 23 01:48:51 <Kawai> !roll 2d4

Oct 23 01:48:51 <MikeM> The helmet might be damaged if your foot connects

Oct 23 01:48:51 <GameServ>    Kawai rolled 2d4: 2 2  <Total: 4>

Oct 23 01:50:14 <Kawai> (Not going to be stopped?)

Oct 23 01:50:42 <MikeM> (Shamon could parry to reduce damage.)

Oct 23 01:50:48 <Kawai> !roll 2d4

Oct 23 01:50:48 <GameServ>    Kawai rolled 2d4: 3 3  <Total: 6>

Oct 23 01:51:13 * Surreal_Nightmares (Surreal_Nig@Cutest.Floofy.Changeling.Batpone) has joined

Oct 23 01:51:15 <MikeM> But you still have to roll for a hit

Oct 23 01:51:32 <Kawai> !roll 1d20+12

Oct 23 01:51:33 <GameServ>    Kawai rolled 1d20: 13  <Total: 13(+12) = 25>

Oct 23 01:51:35 * Shamon raises his arm up over himself. No, please!

Oct 23 01:52:13 <MikeM> The helmet is more and more damaged by Kawai's stomping. It begins to crack.

Oct 23 01:52:27 <Kawai> !roll 1d20+12

Oct 23 01:52:27 <GameServ>    Kawai rolled 1d20: 16  <Total: 16(+12) = 28>

Oct 23 01:53:12 <MikeM> It won't last much longer

Oct 23 01:53:14 <Kawai> !roll 2d4

Oct 23 01:53:14 <GameServ>    Kawai rolled 2d4: 3 1  <Total: 4>

Oct 23 01:53:47 <Kawai> (I was using called shots. Those take up an extra action.)

Oct 23 01:54:27 * Changeling_Nightmares has quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)

Oct 23 01:55:11 <MikeM> (Are you surrendering, Shamon?)

Oct 23 02:00:22 * Shamon reaches over weakly and pulls his body up until his armor is vertical, then he ejects out, getting launched a few feet away. He curls up, cradling his face, before rolling to his back and drawing his pistol, firing shots that punctuate his sentence "just, kill, me, already!" He stops firing, waiting to see the response

Oct 23 02:02:10 * Kiirga 's mech follows the motion of Shamon as he ejects from the mech, and she blinks. Oh, shoot, she recognizes him. "Shamon...?"

Oct 23 02:03:44 * Kawai advances on Shamon.

Oct 23 02:04:41 * Surreal_Nightmares keeps her favorite missile launcher trained on Shamon. She keys the mic, speaking into it, "Stand down, unload the pistol and drop it to the ground."

Oct 23 02:06:08 * Shamon narrows his eyes. This is how it ends? He chuckles, coughs, then softly whispers "C'est la vie" and puts the muzzle of the gun to his temple

Oct 23 02:08:05 <Kiirga>      "Whoa, hey!" She bats the gun away from Shamon's temple with a claw of her mech, then holds that same claw up between Kawai and Shamon. "I'll vouch for this one. He's good."

Oct 23 02:08:46 * Kawai examines their surroundings.

Oct 23 02:08:48 * Surreal_Nightmares cracks her jaw before keying the mic again. "I swear to God if you pulled that trigger, I would go to hell and beat your sorry ass until you have some sense into you!"

Oct 23 02:12:15 * Shamon lies there, looking between the two. He's seen much better days.

Designed & Coded by: Maiyunbby
Art by: kaiyuan
  • Drinking: Tea.

Technotheft Part 3

Tue Dec 6, 2016, 10:55 PM

It is now midmorning, Thursday, March 26, 101 PA. Bright and sunny. The perfect day to continue a trip in a now fully charged and bug free truck. Only 220 km to Westerton. Map

Kiirga packs herself up into the mech in the back, so she won't attract attention with her own body.

 Kawai radios Kiirga through Compu, "You don't need to hide right now. Won't you be more comfortable in the truck?"

 Surry is standing outside the truck, watching a cloud pass over a hill. It resembles a rabbit.

   "Well... I guess. But is there room up there for all of us?"

 She sees the truck has a bench seat in the front, and a second row bench seat behind that. It was designed for several occupants. Surry sighs. She turns to the group. "Guys, how far are we from our endpoint?" Kawai to Kiirga, "There is plenty of room up here, " to Surry, "About 200 kilometers. Why?"

 Kiirga peeks her head out of the mech. "..." oh, fine. She supposes it shouldn't be a problem.

   "I'm just bored... And restless, I guess," she says.

 "We are leaving in a minute."

 Once everyone is in the cab and buckled in, Kawai drives out of the parking lot and heads west out of town. Everything is running smoothly. They travel along a rough but paved highway. Scenery changes from woods, hills, and lakes to a more open grassland. Bison and antelope can be seen on the ground, and several very large birds fly lazy circles in the thermals created by the sun's heat. It's almost going too well.

As they approached a slight rise in the road. At the top Kawai can see the road turns to the left. Surry is curled up into a tiny ball in her seat, sleeping. She purrs softly in her sleep. As the truck approaches the curve, Surry sees a shiny spot in the distance in her dream. It's probably a weather balloon, which is like a party balloon, only much bigger. Cake is yummy. Kiirga notices that the road is getting bumpier. Bet it's those dashed lines on the map after Westerton mean the road isn't paved at all. Kawai sees a discolored patch in the road. It really looks like someone recently dug something right in the middle of the road. There's also a discernable dig mark running off the road, like someone's hiding a wire. The spot is getting closer as she drives but there's a large ditch on each side of the road. Great drainage. Sensing danger Kawai stops the truck.

 Surry starts to salivate, her physical body drooling while her dream one starts to fly towards the cake! In the dream, she tackles the cake, absolutely demolishing it! In the physical world, her wings and ears twitch while small mewls escaped her mouth. Surry growls playfully, unaware of what is happening.

 A shadow passes over the truck. One of the large birds? Kiirga tenses for a moment as the truck is stopped. "What is it?" An energy blast strikes the left side of the truck, just above the wheel.… 

 Kawai yells out, "Surry, get down!" rushes out of the door and to the side of the truck. she looks up to identify the source of the blast. Kiirga ducks down, startled by the sudden impact to the side of the truck. Surry is woken up by the shot! She rolls to the floor of the truck, still curled up into a ball. Her breathing is uncontrolled and fast, the mare's body producing adrenaline. They hear a shout from the south side of the road, the same side as the driver's side. "We don't want to kill you, we just want your stuff. Let's make it easy for everyone." The voice is a man's, and he sounds very calm.

Kawai chuckles at this, walks around the front with her hands above her head, "Is that all?"
 The man stays hidden while he responds. "Yeah. Give us what's on the back of the truck. You can leave with the truck and your lives."

   'Oh, screw, that.' Kiirga thinks. She stays where she is, though, low and out of sight. Let Kawai distract them first...

 "A person can't give something to their shadow."

 "Come on down and I'll show you what we got."

 The man waits a second before replying, "Shadows are not dangerous for all. Tell your friends to get out of the truck and move 20 meters in front of it. No funny business."

 Surry whispers to anyone listening, "I don't think I can do anything from my position. Maybe try using magic to distract them?"

Kawai walks towards the back where Warhawk sleeps, "I only have one friend with me. That's the pilot of the other mech." jumps onto the bed and grabs the tarp, "Let me know when you are ready to see our stuff."

 The ambusher stands up. He is about 100 meters away, and carries a pulse rifle. As he walks closer, you can see he's wearing armor. He holds his weapon at the ready and looks at you suspiciously.

 "Only one other?" He briefly looks north and continues walking towards the truck.

"Yes. That's Surry."  

 He stops several running paces short of the truck. "Well, tell 'Surry' to get out." He points forward of the truck. "And both of you wait up there."

 Surreal_Nightmares lays down, just waiting for the man.

 "Surry, please be a deer and show the man your pretty face."

 Surry smirks at Kawai's words. The rings around her hooves glow with power for a moment. The power exits the rings in the form of shining particles that wrap around the mare's dorm, transforming her into a deer! She puts on a dumb animal face and trots out, sniffing the air curiously.

 The man laughs. "What is this? Some kind of joke? That's the pilot?"

Surry flicks her ears and turns her head towards the man. She holds the position for a few moments before lowering her head to sniff at the ground. Kawai pulls down the tarps and tosses it over the other side, "She built one that fits her anatomy." 'I hope Kiirga can use that as cover.' And down goes the tarp over the open door. Perfect. Kiirga sneaks out under it and towards her dragon mech, while they're busy off on the other side looking at the uncovered Warhawk.

 "Whatever. You two wait up there. And don't try anything funny. Just wait and this will all be over quick."

 Kawai walks to her Juggernaut and slaps its leg, "This is mine. He's a beaut."

 Surry trots over to Kawai, feigning curiosity. She sniffs the woman before nibbling in her ears. "What's the plan?" she whispers.

Kawai pats Surry head, "I call him Warhawk." slaps Warhawk's leg again.

 The man points his gun at Kawai. "Move to the front now. I don't care about names."

 Kawai rubs Warhawk's leg, "Are you sure you want to take him away from me and tear his body apart?"

Kawai sees the man turn his selector lever from safe to fire. "I'm sure. Move now."

 Well, still no sign Kiirga's been seen... so she silently climbs into the hatch on the dragon while Kawai continues distracting the man.

Surry moves over to the man,  sniffing him.

Kawai shrugs then walks to the front of the truck.

 "Surry, come." Surry moves back over to Kawai. She nuzzles the woman.

The man safes his rifle and pulls the tarp from the truck.

 "Well well. Now just gotta figure out how to get them off..." The man yells, "Lefty!"

 Kiirga is already in the mech, and the hatch is closed. She's running the mech in silent startup mode, for now.

 Another figure stands up in the distance, slightly behind the truck. "On the way, Pancho."

 "Well now, is it only the two of you?"

Pancho spits back, "Shutup, lady. Just be quiet and wait."

 Lefty jogs up and whistles. "Nice haul. Let's get them unloaded quick. I think I can fly them enough to get them into the field." Lefty climbs on the truck and goes to open the hatch of the dragon. "It's locked."

Pancho looks at Kawai and the deer. "Open it up."

 Surry nibbles on a random area of her body, feigning an itch. She perks her ears, ready to jump into action

   No kidding, it's locked. Kiirga gets a warning that someone is trying to open the hatch, and smirks. Showtime. Her mech suddenly swipes upwards with a forelimb to grab, but not yet to injure. If we can get out of this without bloodshed, all the better.

Kawai walks over to Warhawk. *** Warhawk grabs at Pancho

 Surry waits for Lefty to come help his friend. Her muscles tense, ready to tackle.

 Pancho avoids the grabbing warhawk, and is now angry.

 Just after the Warhawk grabs at Pancho, Surry hears a horrible screech and rustle of feathers before she is grabbed in the powerful talons of a gryphon.

 The gryphon yells out, "Let's just hold it right here!"

 Surry flails and screeches in surprise and fear! She squirms in the gryphon's terrible grip.

Kiirga's upward swipe took Lefty completely by surprise. The would-be thief finds herself in the clutches of Kiirga's mechanical hand.

 When she sees Surry being taken by the griffin she curses, "Ahoka!" then hurries into her Iron Juggernaut.

 Kiirga raises the mech up onto its hindlegs, looking down on Lefty through her dragon's eyes. A speaker hidden inside the head speaks up, "You really thought this was a good idea? Get out of here, before someone gets hurt."

Pancho points his pulse rifle at the truck and yells out, "Alright! Everyone just hold still a minute!"

 He calls to the gryphon, "Grizelda, you hold tight, but not too tight."

 Kawai with a woosh she takes off after the gryphon.

 The gryphon's talons get tighter around the squirming deer.

When Kawai gets near her with her Dragon Iron Juggernaut, "Hand over my friend." she holds out her claws.

 Grizelda looks to Pancho for an answer.

 Surry continues to flail and thrash, trying to give the gryphon a hard time and also to reinforce the illusion of her being a regular deer.

 Lefty is pointing her rifle at the dragon. Pancho thinks for a minute. "What are y'all doing with a truck, anyway? Give us that, and we'll let you go on your way." He stomps a foot and spits while waiting for your answer.

 "We can do that. The truck is yours. Just hand over my friend."

 Lefty replies, "Let me go first. Then you all fly off a bit, and we'll let your deer go."

 Pancho adds, "Yeah."

 "Or I can take my friend back by force and you'll be down a gryphon. Let my friend go first then we'll walk away." Kawai causes Warhawk's mouth to open on the gryphon.

 Pancho climbs into the truck. "Let Lefty go first."

 Kiirga glances towards Kawai.

Surry continues to thrash, but in a way so that she can bound over to Kawai. Surry feels a drop of what could only be drool hit the top of her furry head.

 Kawai reaches for Surry, going so far as to lay a claw on her neck, "Lefty... move your scrawny ass."

 Grizelda whispers, "Keep struggling." causing Surry to shriek.

  Kiirga sighs, and lets Lefty out of her grip. Lefty climbs off the dragon and into the cab of the truck.

Pancho calls out to Grizelda, "Ok, Grizzy, let her go." Grizelda releases the squishy deer and flies into a holding pattern one hundred meters above the truck. She screeches in disgust. Surry bounds over to hide behind Kawai, huddling close. Kawai turns and holds Surry close to the chest as Pancho starts the truck. Surry nuzzles Kawai. Her head turns to watch the truck. Pancho looks back to watch the dragon unload. Kiirga steps the mech off the back of the truck with a little grumble. 'They kind of needed that truck.' Kiirga thinks begrudgingly to herself as she watches the truck backs up the road for 200 meters and turns down a small path. Grizelda keeps an eye on the proceedings from above. She screeches once more at the afternoon sky before gliding away.

Kawai sets Surry down, "I'll be quick." jets off after the truck.  Surry pops back into her pony form after being set down. 
"Buh..." Her voice trails off as she watches Kawai go after the truck, "But... Damn it." Kiirga smirks lightly, watching Kawai. She's ready to provide long-range fire support if needed.

 Grizelda sees Kawai's approach and calls out a warning to the two below. 

There isn't anywhere to hide, so Pancho and Lefty bail out of the truck and take up firing positions. 

 Kawai, with an aire of confidence "Whoa, whoa. Put away your pea shooters. I want to make a final condition." swoops down in front of the truck.

 Pancho, eyeing Kawai over his rifle sights, replies, "What?"

 "Give us a lift to Novgorod."

 Pancho says, "Novgorod? Where the heck's that?"

 "It is west of here. About 200 km."

 He looks at Warhawk and then away at the dragon. "Who are you, anyway? This whole thing's weird. But we can keep the truck?"

 Lefty chimes in, "I don't trust 'em, Pancho. This group's trouble."

 "You can keep the truck, it is a rental, but only after you take us to Novgorod."

 Pancho examines the truck before responding, "Ok. But I hope you didn't have to put down much of a deposit, because you won't be getting it back." They climb back into the truck and head back to the initial ambush site.

 Grizelda lands in front of Surry, "What happened to you?"

 Surry scratches her head. "Um... I can change into other people and objects?" she asks with a grin.

 Lefty climbs out of the cab. "I'm riding my quad. No room in there for everyone." She runs off into the grass and retrieves an enclosed atv. She mounts her rifle on a pintle on the roof before rejoining the group.

 "Ah, no need for us to be in the cab together. We'll stay in our mechs."

 Everyone is loaded, once again, onto the truck. Lefty is parked to one side of the truck, ready to follow. Grizelda circles overhead, eyeing the two quadrupeds. Pancho looks to Kawai, "Rock paper scissors for driver?"

 "You take it."


 Pancho starts the convoy west while humming some unknown, but undoubtedly cheesy, song.

 "Next town's Westerton. We stopping there?"

 "If we can I want to go straight to Novgorod."

 "I have never heard of that. Furthest west we go is Aubergine, and that's a pretty rough road. Past that is monsters and demons. Grizelda came from further west, and she didn't like it."

 "We'll protect you."

 "Heh. I suppose you're armed for it. Well, we'll give it a shot."

 Pancho continues to drive as the shadows grow longer. Westerton appears in the windshield. Another frontier town, no doubt. He passes through the town. People don't pay much attention as they drive through. There are a couple of large six-legged mammals walking alongside the road, but nobody seems scared of them.

 It is just past dark as the group leaves the town and continue west. Two kilometers past the town's edge, the pavement stops and the road turns into gravel and compacted dirt. Kiirga quietly listens and watches from her mech. She does nothing other than mess around with the mech, idly tinkering and making sure everything is ready to go.

 "Only another three hours or so until Aubergine. We should be there by midnight, if something doesn't come up between here and there."

 "Thanks for the heads up."

 The voyage goes on. Bumpy, dusty. Sometimes shadows pass in front of the headlights, and once there is a loud thump and a bump, but nothing stops the truck.

Surry suckles on her own hoof as she sleeps in the backseat of the cab. As midnight approaches, the dim lights of a town can be seen in the distance. "That's it. Look, I'm beat. I need to rest if you want me driving into some unknown place. Grizelda needs to rest and eat. What say we stop for a while here?"

 "Sounds good. We'll pay for the rooms."

 "Whew. That'll be great." The town is small, and there is only one inn. Pancho parks the truck outside, Lefty pulling up next to it. Grizelda lands and looks quite tired. Kawai goes to the Inn to pay for two rooms. One for them and the other for Surry and herself. The innkeeper is inside, and there are surprisingly several people in the lounge as you enter. They all watch you closely. The innkeeper hands you two keys after swiping your card.

 "We have a truck we need charged. Is that extra?" As Kawai entered the inn, a patron stumbled out and made his way over to the truck. He stared for a moment before approaching and examining the tarp.

The innkeeper replies, "Big truck? Yeah, that's 15 credits." Kawai pays the fee quickly.

The innkeeper points to the lounge and says, "Breakfast there in the morning. Lunch and dinner if you're staying longer."
Kawai hands over the key to Lefty, "Rest up and we'll see you in the morning."

 The drunk lifts up the tarp and eyes the cargo before going over to Lefty and Grizelda. He pesters them for food from the rations they are eating. Surry snorts awake, and exits the truck. She spots the drunk, watching him carefully. She notices that he didn't take anything. The drunk moves on behind the inn. 

 Pancho and Lefty head upstairs. Grizelda flies off, but is surely close by.

 Surry walks around the area, inspecting everything, just in case there's someone trying to hide from them. Kawai waves over Surry, "You're rooming with me." Surry inspects a random bush for a few moments before deeming it as safe and trotting to Kawai.

 Ok. The drunk is nowhere to be seen. You did see the edge of a tail sticking out of a shadow, but that's probably Grizelda. You also saw some guy with black braided hair walking from the inn to a house.

 Surry leans against Kawai. "So, where's our room?" As Kawai takes them to their room.

 Kawai was lucky enough to get eastern-facing windows, and thin curtains. Dawn's first light casts the room in a glow as day approaches. Surry is curled up under a pillow, the pillow a warm blanket for her. She is still asleep.

 When Kawai gets to the door on the way to a sunbath, she sees a folded piece of paper has been slipped between the gap of the door and floor. She picks up the odd paper and reads it. The letter reads, "Meet me downstairs at 8. Be careful. Jarrod. Kawai "Hm!" pockets the note before heading outside to stretch. Kawai goes through her morning routine of grooming and a workout which she does by Warhawk. So she can watch the lobby while she is powering up.

 Clouds threaten from the western horizon, but the day is still sunny enough. There are other early risers out and about, starting their routines.

Surry rolls around on the bed in her sleep. The pillow falls off of her, preventing her from rolling to the center to the bed. She rolls off of the bed and onto the floor, head impacting the ground first and giving her a jolt. "Huh-wah!?" she exclaims with a slurred voice. She blinks, clearing the sleep from her eyes. "What... just happened?" she asks herself. Surry massages the area of impact on her head with a hoof. She grimaces, but decides to explore the hotel to give her something to do.

An attractive, very fit brunette woman approaches during a long stretch.

 Kawai smiles at her as she works her waist. 

 "Mind if I join you?" she asks.

 Kawai stops for a moment to check the time, "I don't mind at all."

 The woman begins a Tai Chi routine

 Kawai raises an eyebrow, "Tai Chi?"

  The woman answers without pausing her movements, "Yes. You know it?"

 "I studied a different path."

 "And both paths led here."

 She stops and introduces herself. "I'm Shireen. You're new. Staying long?"

"I'm passing through, Shireen."

 "Going anywhere exciting? Merchants on business, perhaps?"

 There is a knock at the door of the room where Surry and Kiirga are staying.

 "I actually have to meet someone. It was nice meeting you. Maybe next time we could spare. I miss having a regular opponent."

 Shireen smiles and bows with hands pressed lightly together. "I would like that. Very much, I think." Kawai returns the bow before jogging off to the lobby.

 Surry peeps through the peephole on the door. "Yes?" It is a tall man, broad shouldered and thick necked. 
"Breakfast is being served, ma'am."

  "Thank you for letting me know!" she says, not letting the man know that the room is for two. Surry waits for the man at the door to leave, not willing to trust him. She is suspicious of this hotel and its inhabitants...he man in the hall leaves. Surry can hear his footsteps get softer as he descends the stairs.

 As Kawai enters the lounge a tall man--at least 6'3"--with long, black, braided hair waves discreetly at her. He has pale skin which may or may not have a light green tint to it. He sits at a table on the back wall, and there is a small dog seated on the floor next to him. The tops of his ears are hidden beneath his pulled back hair.

 Kawai takes the seat opposite the man so she will face him, "Good morning."

 He smiles and passes her a cup of hot tea. "Good morning. I am Jarrod Kennsmere, a friend of Maxton's. He said you would be visiting this way soon. Glad to see you made it safely."

Kawai accepts the cup of tea to be polite, "It has been a pleasant journey so far. Was Maxton worried about us?"

 Jarrod replies, "It is a long way from Tolkeen, and there is not much in the way of police presence. Except here. I believe there are CS agents here, since it is the last town before Novgorod."

 Surry exits the room as the man retreats. She locks it and makes her way to the lobby.

 He continues, "I also have an updated map for you. We have an agent in Novgorod. He owns the market. Justin his his name."

 Jarrod passes Kawai a folded paper.…

 "We're not being obvious. If anything we look like Mercs. We even hired some to drive us the rest of the way. Getting to Novgorod will be easy an you give us a new name and our contact. Thank you." pockets the map.

 "Hired drivers, eh? Interesting choice. I hope you can trust them."

 Surry enters the lobby and sees Jarrod and Kawai sitting at a table. She walks over, ears perked.

"Don't need to."

 Jarrod smiles. "Good. Call us if you need anything."

 "Yes. Tell me about your group."

 "My group? Well, I'm just a small part. We are friends of citizens of the worlds. All worlds. We just want peaceful relations for everyone."

Kawai can see out of the corner of her eye Shireen as she finishes her Tai Chi and gives the truck a final once-over before jogging away.

"You keep saying that. Give me a name."

Surry sits on her haunches, still listening. "What's going on?" she asks.

 "A name? Friends of Magic, I suppose. I use magic myself."

 Kawai looks between the two, sighs dismayed, "Thanks. Have a nice day."

 Jarrod holds a piece of bacon above the dog, who begins a spritely dance. "You too. Continue to be safe, and cautious."

 Kawai stands up causing the chair to skeech against the floor, "Surry, we're leaving. We need to have a meeting."

Kawai heads out to the Dragon.

   "Alright, then." She follows Kawai.

 A kid is sitting on Kiirga's mech

 Kawai "Excuse me." she addresses the kid.

 The kid looks over "yeah?"

 Kiirga gets a little beeping alert in her mech. She rubs her head and groans softly... ugh, what is it? She raises her head to look at the alert. "... proximity alert..." She grumbles softly and sits up to go get whoever it is on her mech.


 The kid blinks "Is it yours? I cleaned both. Is that one yours? Can I have some credits?"

Surry blinks. "I'm going to inspect our stuff..." She goes off to do so.

 Kiirga opens up the hatch on the dragon's back and looks out at the kid on it. "..." It's just a freaking kid. Oh my gosh...

 "Off." she repeats this time with a more stern tone.

 He looks over to Kiirga, blinking again

 Kiirga stares at him, more annoyed than anything.

 The drunk from last night stumble up again. "Jimmy, you know I told you not to be messing with people's stuff. Quit bothering the nice ladies!" He whacks Jimmy on the ear and drags him away.

Surry can't find any marks signifying any tampering with the truck or the mechs. She returns to Kawai's side. "Please, get off the vehicle," she says to the kid in a light, friendly tone. "I'll... I'll give you a ride?"


Surry shrugs. "Alright."

 The drunk eyes the three and grins. "You girls have a good morning." Then gives a little salute.

 Kiirga takes a deep breath. Well, that problem took care of itself. She looks at the other two. "Morning..."

 Kawai looks around now not seeing anyone, including Shireen, she leaps to Kiirga's side, "We need to have a meeting."

 Kiirga nods quietly and rubs her eyes.

 "Inside please." she points downward.

 Kiirga sits herself down in the pilot's seat, and pushes aside the balled-up flight suit she had laid her head on. "What's up?" The group gets themselves situated inside.

 "Surry, close the hatch."

She sighs as she has to go back down. She closes the hatch and returns to her previous position.

 Kawai pulls out the map, "Maxton sent someone."

 Kiirga sighs and rubs her head... "And?"

"We are to meet a Justin."

   "When? Where? About what?"

 "He owns a shop."

Surry   "... What? A shop? Where's it located?" she asks after listening.

 Kawai points to the general store on the map.

 The map:…

   "So in Novgorod."

 "I did not get a name for the group. I hope our military has a better chance on them. That's all."

   "Alright then. No more extra little details?" Surry asks.

 Kawai shakes her head, "He said Friends of magic but that's bogus. But he did tell me they have a ranking system."

   "Hmm. What are we supposed to meet him for?"

 "I think Maxton doesn't trust us."

Surry nods. "That would make sense."

   "Well, he did bug the car."

 "Speaking of the bug. Do you think you can put it back in?"

   "Shouldn't be hard. It's just plugging in three cables."

 "Then route information to us. I want a ear on it too."

   "Alright... I should be able to do that."

 Kawai gives a thumbs up.

 Kiirga picks up the bug from its place sitting next to the comms center. "... gonna have to do... yeah, because of those screws... I can do that." The hoof holding it glows as she uses her telemechanical skills to alter its transmitting frequency. Kiirga lays a hoof over the bug and enters a deep trance state. Seconds pass, and she begins reciting a 256 bit string of zeros and ones. Luckily, Compu hears her voice and records the numbers for future use. Compu thinks after recording the numbers. "This is much faster than what would have happened. I can decode what is sent from the encryption unit." Kiirga blinks her eyes as she finishes her retrieval of the encryption code and pulls back into herself. She shakes her head, and withdraws her hoof from the encryption unit. "Thank you, Compu."

 "I am happy to be of service."

Kiirga pets Compu's head, then looks to Surry and Kawai. "It should be good to be put back in place, now. It'll send to us, and we can decrypt it."

Surry nods. "Alright then. Mind if I check what kind of weapon I was given?" she asks.

 Kiirga nods. "I'm gonna head up to the cab and install this while you do that." She climbs out and goes about taking apart the bare minimum of the dashboard she needs to power the bug, then puts it all back together and plugs it into the radio like it was before.

Surry trots up to the mech and busies herself with finding her gun while Kiirga reinstalls the bug. Once she finds her gun, she whistles as the sleek, polished metal shines in the light. She holds it easily, standing on her hind legs with the gun held in her forelegs. She looks down the sights and notes that they're configured correctly. It looks like everything is ready to go.

Designed & Coded by: Maiyunbby
Art by: kaiyuan
  • Drinking: Tea.

Technotheft Part 2

Sat Oct 29, 2016, 3:20 AM

 At the conclusion of last week's session, the group was loaded on the truck and ready to leave Tolkeen for Novgorod. The group will be leaving the Domain of Man and into the wilderness. Most of humanity in Rifts Earth is in a geographic band which is generally as wide as Texas and Louisiana, but is slanted to the northeast and encompasses Minnesota through the Appalachian mountain range. Outside of that band, there are many sorts of beings and animals, even Vampires and giant insects, which travelers may cross. Past the Appalachians persists glaciers that mark the planet's new ice age. It is probably for this lack of human observers that the CS decided to build a research station so far west. The lands out here are generally flat grassland that gives clear line of sight in all direction.

 Kawai glances at Kiirga, "I do not usually traverse this way."

 Changeling_Nightmares watches various life forms interact with each other through the window of the truck. "Wow..." she says as a hawk swipes up another bird.

 It is 650 km to Novgorod, and you find the truck has a max speed on paved roads of 130 km/h. Kawai goes 65 km/h to be safe.

 The area around Tolkeen is familiar. The group has seen it from the ground and air over their time living in the city. As they continue west, things change. Trees get smaller and the lakes become less numerous. Things quickly develop into a rhythm as they travel. There isn't much to see other than the occasional passing vehicle.

 Kawai notices that the vehicle battery charge is depleting much faster than it should. There is no way they make it to Novgorod at this rate of discharge. Kawai pulls over the truck to investigate.

Tihan flicks an ear as they come to a stop... but she remains in the mech, in case they need quick access to combat, or she needs to stay hidden.

 Kawai uses Compu to contact Kiirga, "We have a problem. We might have to jump start the truck. Want to take a look?"

 Tihan gestures a hoof at the comms station as it beeps at her, and puts her headset on. "What's up?"

"The truck ran out of power."

   "What? This thing should have had more than enough power to get us there! I guess you want me to take a look at it?"

 "That would be helpful."

 "Yeah, alright. I'll be right out there." She shuts down the comms, and pops the hatch to climb out of the mech and down to the truck.

 Kawai pops the hood for her if that is still a thing. She can feel  a lot of heat coming off the battery.

"Hmm. Well, something's sure draining this thing, it's hotter than it should be." She looks around for what could be causing this drain.

Surry scratches an ear at the predicament. "Any way we can use, I dunno, magic to power the thing? Or maybe piggyback off of another power source?" She is riding in the truck's cabin.

 "We could use the mechs. I have a feeling they are what drained the battery."

Kiirga pokes and prods at the batteries for several minutes. An inadvertent contact between your tools and a terminal send up quite an arc, and singe a bit of insulation. The battery power meter goes from 40% to 35%. This causes Kiirga to flinch back from it and quickly withdraws her tools. Okay, it's not there apparently. Kiirga goes back in once she's sure the thing isn't going to zap her again. After studying the wires and mechanics for several minutes, and consulting with her teammates, she make another attempt. This one goes much better. No singed hooves or burnt batteries. In fact, the power meter goes back up to 40%. She somehow increased the efficiency of the system. There is enough juice to get to Valderama and maybe even Westerton for a full recharge.
 Kiirga pulls back out and wipes a bit of engine grease off of her suit on a rag. "Alright, that should do it. There was a short down in there, and I cleaned up a bit of inefficient wiring while I was in there." She shuts the hood and puts all her tools back away.

 "Could we give it a jump or does it need to be replaced?"

  "Nah, it's all good now. We'll just need to recharge in the next town."

 "How long will that take?"

"Depends on the charging station, really."

 "That's fine. Let's keep going."

 "But, really shouldn't be more than a few hours." She nods in agreement, and starts climbing back up and into the mech.

 Kawai glances at her and once she is in her mech she drives to Valderama.

 Valderama is a short drive from where they broke down. As they enter the town, they notice that it is like other towns away from big cities. Something for most everyone, but not much else. The inhabitants are mostly humans, but there are a few D-Bees going about their business, too.

 Kiirga watches through the mech's eyes as they come into town. Not just humans here... so it's safe for her to be out. Good.

Kawai sees a motel next to a general store and the sheriff's office. Kawai parks. "How does this look to you, Kiirga?"

Kiirga points the cameras towards the motel.

Kawai gets out of the truck but leaves it running for her. She is not the most knowledgeable when it comes to technology but she hopes keeping it running like this helps. After slamming the truck door she makes a bee-line towards the motel owner.

Chase, the motel owner, "Hello, and welcome to Valderama. What can I do for you?"

"How much for a room?"

 "For one night? How many people?"


 "That'll be 68 credits." He looks outside and eyes the truck for a second. "And another 20 if you want to recharge your equipment. Free muffins and coffee in the morning, if that's your thing."

"Fair enough." Kawai pulls out her card, "Let's do this."

 Chase plugs the card into the reader and hands it back to you. "Room 208. Don't make a bunch of noise after 11."


 Chase looks at Kawai funny. " We like quiet nights here in Valderama."

 "Of course. Thought it was strange you would empathize that."

Chase passes Kawai three room cards. "Call the front desk if you need anything."
 Kawai bows then goes to the room.

 The night passes uneventfully. The next morning, you find that the truck is fully recharged and not a smoking hulk.

 Kawai got up early to lay over the hood of the truck like a model, to bask in the sun.

 Kiirga stretches out as she wakes up and climbs out of bed, a little after Kawai left. She goes out to meet back up with her, and watches her curiously. As she approaches, she asks, "What are you doing up there?"

Kawai eyes the doe, "What does it look like?" spreads her legs to get a better look at her.

 "Laying on the roof of the truck. When there's a perfectly comfortable bed that we paid for back in the room."

"Just let me know when you are ready to go."

 "Just need to turn our room keys back in, and make sure the truck's all charged up."

 Kawai fishes out her key from her back pocket then holds it out lazily in an outstretched hand while her other hand raises her shirt up to her bra.

 Kiirga chuckles softly at her friend, and takes the key from her palm. "You're gonna get the guys all riled up doing that, y'know," she says with a hint of a smirk at the edge of her muzzle. Someone whistles a catcall nearby.

Kawai shoots the man a look, "Maybe I should kill him." The man walks faster to wherever he's going.

 Kiirga snrks softly. "Only if he makes a move on you. I'm gonna go check the room one more time, make sure we aren't leaving anything behind. Stay out of trouble~" She trots back to the room and does as she said.

Kawai grins, her gaze returning to the heavens.

 Kiirga spends a couple minutes looking through the room, and, assuming she finds nothing else of theirs there, she returns to the desk and gives them back the key cards.

Jenny, Chase's wife, is at the desk. "I hope you all enjoyed your stay. Do come back."

"Thank you. Have a nice day!" She leaves, joining back up with Kawai

 Kawai rolls off the truck, splaying her legs as she does so. She stands by the driver door feeling more energized.

 Kiirga steps on out into the sunlight with Kawai, her crystalline hooves both refracting and reflecting the morning sun to create a beautiful pattern on the ground around them. "You ready, then?"

Kawai opens the door and plants a leg inside, "Are you?"


 Kawai enters and starts up the truck, "Thought you wanted to give it a look over."

"Can't do that until you've turned it on and got the battery display up. How's it look?"

 Kawai gives all the instruments and radios in the truck a thorough examination. Everything looks fine, if a bit used. She also notices that the radio microphone is plugged into a small box which is then plugged into the radio, instead of the usual direct connection. "Do you think this is stolen?" picks up the microphone before giving the box a poke. The box is roughly the size of a deck of playing cards, and made of metal. It does not respond to her poke.

 That's... not a response to her question. She walks over around to the door Kawai is at. "Stolen? Why do you say that?"

 "Just a hunch. The dash gave an all clear." tries to remove the small box, "Does this look right to you?"

 Kiirga looks up to the little box. "Um... a bit unusual. Maybe it's an adapter for the cables?" Kiirga quickly discerns that the cables going in and coming out are the same.

 Kawai opens the other door, "Have a better look."

Kiirga nods, and walks around to the other side to climb up in and get a closer look at it.

Kiirga notices that there is a small wire coming out of the back of the box and going into the dashboard. "Hmm." She scoots in and along and looks at that. Interesting... Now she wants to know where that cable goes. "I think I'm gonna take a look inside this dashboard."

Kawai steps out of the cab, "Need anything?" Kawai, being unneeded,  goes over to an empty space in the parking lot to stretch facing away from the street.

Kiirga diligently disassembles the dashboard and follow the wire into a large bundle. It proceeds through the firewall, and you trace it to a fuse block. The wire is a power source for the box. 'Okay, that's simple enough. It's power for the thing. So what does it need power for?' she thinks to herself.  'Could be storing the microphone data. Or even transmitting it elsewhere. Or it could be harmlessly modulating it to make it a readable signal by the radio systems. But, if it is the last one, there's an easy way to test it. Just plug in the microphone directly and make sure it still works.'   So... She's gonna need to get back in the mech and use its radio, and have Kawai call her with the box not plugged in. "Hey, Kawai, I need you help with something!" She calls over to the stretching girl in the parking lot.

 "Oh?" walks over slowly, "Did you figure it out?"

   "I want to test a theory. Hopefully it's just benign, but... Anyway. I need you to call me on the radio, without the box plugged in."

 Kawai slides onto the seat, "I can do that. Tell me when."

Kiirga climbs back to the mech. "Give me a few seconds, then go." She slips down inside and pulls the headset over her ears.

 Kawai sets the radio to Kiirga's Dragon, "Testing... testing..."

 "Well, that settles that. It's working. Alright, shut it off." She climbs back out of the mech to rejoin Kawai in the cab of the truck.

Kawai switches it off, "Want me to pull it out?"

"Not yet. Just shut off the truck, I want to take a look inside."

 Kawai turns off the truck as she is told, "I had a bugged apartment once."

  "Oh, fun. What'd you do about that?" She asks as she starts carefully opening up the casing.

"I did not have a lot of electronics during that time so it was an easy find. It was in the phone they gave me. We found it and tossed it."

 As Kiirga disassembles the device, she strips out two of the six screws which hold the lid on. If an attempt to pry the lid off could risk further damage to what is inside. Kiirga mutters under her breath, "Stupid, lousy screws..." Well, whatever's inside, it's not something she wants working anyways. Probably. She sighs, and puts her hoof to it, and the crystals in it glow as she attempts an interface with it. She senses that inside the box is a digital voice recorder, digital compass, and accelerometer. Such a system could be used for tracking movement, direction, speed, and recording voices. She also determined that the device was set to transmit recordings of activities every morning at 2 AM. Kiirga withdraws her hoof and humphs. "Yeah. That's a bug alright. It's also tracking our location." 

"Could it have messed with the battery?"

"Maybe. It is definitely draining some power to do its job."

 "Can you trace it back?"

 "It's only recording, I didn't see any transmitter in there."

 Kawai reaches over to the box, "No sense in keeping this then, " pulls it out with some vigorous tugs. She hands the bug to Kiirga.

"Yeah. It's transmitting back to the guys we accepted this mission from." She frowns slightly at it.

"Did it give you an idea whom we are dealing with?"

 "Not really. It's just recording and transmitting data, there's not a whole lot to it."

 "Well, now you have a souvenir."

 "Yep. If we ever need a bug, I guess I could modify it to transmit data to us."

 "Do you need to do anything else before we go?"

 "... put the dashboard back together."

Kawai shrugs, she goes back to her spot in the parking lot to stretch. Kiirga goes about returning the dashboard to working order while Kawai stretches.

Designed & Coded by: Maiyunbby
Art by: kaiyuan
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Technotheft Part 1

Sun Oct 2, 2016, 1:10 AM

At the conclusion of the last game, the group dropped off the refugees in Chi-town, and returned to Tolkeen. Luqman was called away on other business, and the others returned to their normal activities. Kawai resumed shop and training duties. One day, she notices a customer spending far too much time at his table. He has his empty cup and a notebook, and is watching Kawai closely.

 Kawai approaches him with a pitcher, "Water?" she states in her odd accent.
"Yes, Please."
The man is older, with greying black hair and a short-cropped beard. He wears a long coat over pants and a shirt. All his clothes, and his boots, are in good condition. Not brand new, but it is obvious he cares for his equipment. He wears a medallion of a horned skull over a six pointed star on a slender golden chain. "Is this your shop?"

 "I'm a part timer."

The man sips his water. "You are also a knight of sorts, yes?"

Kawai thinks back on all her knowledge of military insignia, and cannot recognize it as anything worn by a soldier. Kawai smiles as she sets the water pitcher down. She folds her hands in front of her and bows, "Just your humble waitress."

 The man looks her in the eye before replying. "Hmm. Perhaps you can help me anyway. People seem to gather here. There was a recent incident involving CS citizens here in Tolkeen. I need to make contact with the group that dealt with that situation. Can you help me? I have a proposition which could benefit everyone."

"I am sure I can contact someone. There is a guy that frequents here. Maybe I can send him the message. Would that help? The guy works for the military. Can you tell me more about the situation?"

 "Of course. My friends and I heard about some CS citizens who were lucky enough to be rescued and brought here. They were returned to their CS overlords, unfortunately. I think the people who saved those poor citizens could help with me another kind of rescue. But I do not wish to make it a military matter. It does not need so many people involved." The man takes another sip of water.

 "I understand. I heard about that actually, now that you mention it. Some of those people I've met. Although... I think I can get some free time to look into this. Can you please tell me more?"

"That is all I can say now. If you can get word to the people involved, I would like to meet them at this address." He writes an address, date, and time on a card and gives it to you.

 It is two days from now, at 3 PM. She recognizes the address as a nearby hotel. Kawai laughs as if she has just been hit on but is politely turning them down. She takes the note and pockets it, "Thank you very much." she said pleasantly before bowing, "Anything else I can get you?"

"Thank you, but no. You have been good company. I hope to see your friends soon."

 "Yes. They will like that."

The man stands up, puts his notebook in a coat pocket, and leaves. After work she returns home to explain what happened to Kiirga. 

The day arrives, and the hour is nigh.

The man looks over his notes while waiting for his guests to arrive.

 Kawai is careful not to knock the door down as she raps her knuckles. Kiirga arrives there with Kawai, looking up at the building. So this is the place, huh? Well, she'd be more than happy to help out more people if she can. She waits alongside Kawai as she knocks on the door. The door is opened by a woman. "Please, come in. Have a seat." They notice it is a small conference room. As they enter, they see the man from before. He is seated at a table, but stands as you enter. There is also a pony waiting in a chair. Kawai pays the woman only a passing glance to check if she is armed. She is aware of magic as a possibility so she is quick to note her size and race before bowing to the man and taking a seat near him. The woman is is as tall as Maxton, dark skinned, and with jet black hair. Lupe wears a light brown vest over a white blouse, green breeches, and black calf-high boots.

 Surreal Nightmares perks her ears, and whips her head around to look at the newcomers. She narrows her eyes, taking in the newcomers' clothes and race before huffing and turning her attention to a holed leg.

 The man stands. "Ahh, it is good to see you again, Kawai. I'm glad you brought a friend. My name is Maxton Thurswell, and this is my assistant, Lupe Moore." He points to the pony. This is Surreal Nightmares. She will be joining you on the trip, if you decide to go.

 Kawai gives Kiirga a glance that states that she is uncomfortable and she should say something.

Surreal_Nightmares nods. "That's the plan, anyways," she says curtly. She rubs an itch on her side, her wing lifting to allow a hoof to the site.

 Kiirga walks along with Kawai as they enter, her crystalline hooves, normally clicking on the pavement outside, making a rather different sound on the floor of the building. She looks at her fellow quadruped as she enters the building, and gives her a small smile. Not enough of them around here. Surreal Nightmares would see a pale blue deer with short, brown horns atop her head, slightly curved backwards. What really catches her eye would be the magenta crystals rising from her hooves, swirling up her legs in an arcane design that becomes less dense the further up they go. She glances up at Kawai and nods as she sees her uncomfortable glance. "So. What exactly is this 'plan', then?"

Maxton speaks, "So. Let's get to why you are here. My friends in the east told me of the rift explosion, and mentioned some events that happened prior to that. Specifically, that the CS deployed a rift containment device."

"That is factual." Kawai states flatly.

 "We have known for some time that they were developing such a thing, but did not know it was so advanced. How close was it to actually working, do you think?"

 "Kiirga got the best look at the device. She can tell you better than I."

 "I got a look at it. It looked like it could have worked, perhaps if we had had more time to deploy it."

 "I think they were trying to recreate what we have in Tolkeen."

 Surreal Nightmares scratches an ear as she takes in this information. She stays silent, just letting the three talk it out. Her wing twitches, aching from an exercise she performed a few days ago.

 "It seems to me that the CS is developing something of great power. They will undoubtedly try to use it to shut all rifts, everywhere. We all know that while rifts can be destructive, they are also beneficial." Maxton looks at the quadrupeds in the room.

 Kiirga frowns lightly. That certainly does sound like the CS... and she does not like the sound of that.

 "I want you to steal the device, all their research, and destroy their facility. The research can be used for good, and not kept away from 'enemies' of the CS. The only want to help themselves. The research facility where all the development is conducted is west of here."

 "That is a tall order."

 "Are we going to upload the digital research?" Surry pipes up suddenly.

 Lupe hands Surreal Nightmares up a small computer. "Upload anything you find into this."she takes it, holds it up to her face and inspects it before laying the device on the table.

Oct 01 17:19:23 <MikeM> Maxton continues, "It is a tall order. It is dangerous. That is why I need you all. We have been looking for the right group of people for some time now. This is our best chance before they complete the development of the containment device."

 "My friends and I know much, but are not powerful like you."

 "We are not that powerful. I'd say we are more lucky than anything."

Lupe laughs. "You have powerful luck, then."

Kawai grins but covers her mouth. After a moment she lowers her hand, "You said it is in the West."

 Maxton answers, "Yes. There is an active rift about 650 kilometers west of here. The CS built a research facility out there so people would not be able to watch. It is called Novgorod. Besides the facility, there is a small town for family and logistical support."

 Surreal Nightmares scratches a cheek. "Can we have more specific details? Map of the area, guards, y'know. Or is the intel spotty?"

 Kawai furrows her brow thinking 'How did they manage to build out there without our notice?'

 "We know a little about the guards, but do not have maps."

 "What do you know about the guards? Can you draw us a map to the location?"

 Lupe replies, "The town is accessed primarily by an airstrip. There is also a dirt road, but it is seldom used. The airstrip is protected by a radar and two missile pods, as well as some sky cycles. There are CS soldiers, as well as skelebots. We are not sure of the total ground force numbers, but believe them to be less than 20."

 "So that pretty much rules out going in by airship..." Kiirga pondered outloud.

Surreal Nightmares ruffles a small part of her floof. "I'm assuming that foot is off as well. Underground?"

 "No, I'm sorry. Most of the Deadboys and skelebots guard the lab and the device. The airstrip is only guarded by the missiles and sky cycles. Pretty sure."

   'Less than 20 on the ground... if she could manage to get the dragon tank in there, and with Kawai's power armor... they should be able to make short work of that. Right? The trick is getting them there... ' Kawai strokes her chin thoughtfully.

 "I could run over there to scout it out. I mean, I could but I want to be careful. We should give a guess to the Radar range and try to fly just outside of that. Still risky. Do we have any ground vehicles?" Kawai looks suddenly at Surreal Nightmares, "What can you do?"

Maxton answers, "We do not have reports of ground vehicles besides normal trucks."

 Surreal_Nightmares shakes her head. "Can't do anything. Need equipment for underground insertion. Sorry."

"We are not going underground. I am talking about your abilities."

"Maxton, what do we have for ground vehicles? Are you providing any?"

"I had not planned on it. What would you require?"

 Surreal Nightmares facehoofs. "Derp. Sorry. Well, I can change into other things, living or not. I can fly," she flicks out her wings. "I can do some magic, thanks to the floating rings around my hooves. I don't know much, but I can do basic stuff."

 Lupe pulls a document out of a folder. "Our agents were able to smuggle this out. We hope to have more intel as the days pass."…
(I'll add photo later.)

Maxton observes, "Disguises. That's one of the main reasons I asked you to join the team."

Kawai looks at Surreal_Nightmares, "We can use that. I prefer going in quiet."

Surreal_Nightmares nods. "Cool. What do they look like and what do they wear?"

 "There are some normal citizens, including a small motel and general store, and the soldiers all wear uniforms. The scientists dress like scientists. We do not have word of any dimensional beings."

"That makes this easier. If we drove there in a normal fashion we can get in easily."

Surreal Nightmares moves her jaw side to side. "Details on the uniform style? Badges? Anyone I can imitate to make it more convincing?"

 Lupe says, "You should know the road is very seldom used, and while the town is not entirely fenced, there is a gate and fence about a half kilometer past the bridge.

'Trucks. Trucks... yes, that could work.' pulling herself out of her ponderous state, "Just how big are we talking with these trucks?"

 Lupe continues, "Normal cargo trucks. Unarmored, unarmed. I don't think the CS wants to pay to fly in vegetables and soda."

 'Cargo trucks. Excellent.' "That should do quite nicely."

 " Surreal Nightmares, can you turn into my sister?"

 Maxton smiles. "So, you'll do it?"

Surreal Nightmares blinks. "Description please."

 "I am willing to do this, Maxton."

 Kiirga nods in agreement. "If Kawai's in, I am too."

 Kawai turning to Surreal_Nightmares, "Like me but a little different."

 "Wonderful! When you have the device and the research, bring them here." Maxton hands Kiirga a card with coordinates written on it. Kiirga takes the card, looks at it, then puts it away with a slight nod.

 Lupe asks, "How many trucks will you need?"  Kawai looks at Kiirga because she will know.

 Surreal Nightmares nods. Her magic rings glow blue with power. The pony is surrounded in a blue bubble, one that shrinks on the pony. A light shines into everyone's eyes, blinding them. With a bang, the light disappears and in place of a pony stands a human, fully clothed.

 Maxton makes a sign and smiles. Lupe stares, wide-eyed.

   "I suppose that depends on the size of the trucks in question. And what all we're going to bring-" She cuts off with a wince, shutting her eyes. "Geez!"

Kawai looks back at Surreal_Nightmares with a beaming smile. She reaches over to touch Surreal_Nightmares.

 Surreal Nightmares shivers at the touch, unused to the feeling of the lack of fur.

"That looks good." her clothes feel soft, comfortable and a bit fuzzy. "Your texture could use some work."

Surreal Nightmares changes back into her original form. "If no one touches me, I think I can get away with it."

 "That is true. Okay, the plan is to sneak in there, steal the information, grab the device, hijack one of their vehicles, and return in one piece. Is this correct?"

  "Yep! Short and simple. Hopefully. Probably not..."

 Maxton adds, "And destroy the facility."

Kawai scratches her cheek, "Geez."

 Lupe chimes in, "You don't have to kill everyone, but we think it would be best if the lab never worked again."

Kiirga ear flicks, still rubbing her eye after the bright light. "That'll be a bit harder."

 "Destruction is heavy handed. We can do it. We have the firepower," Kawai shrugs.

 Lupe continues, "We will keep you updated as our information improves. Is there anything else you need from us?"

Oct 01 18:23:59 <Kawai> "Yes. Why don't you want to get the military involved?"

Oct 01 18:24:11 * Surreal_Nightmares groans. "I wish we had a big military force to take out the whole thing..."

"Who are you really?"

 Maxton answers, "What would the CS do if they knew Tolkeen was militarily involved in this operation?"

 "We are citizens of this world, adapting to change which cannot be undone."


 Lupe chuckles as she clears away the files. "So, do you need trucks from us after all?"

 "No." Kawai bluntly replies.

   "If we're not going in quiet? ... I don't see a whole lot of need for a truck, aside from initial infiltration."

 Maxton stands up, "Thank you. Thank you for taking this mission."

 "Kiirga, we're going by ground. Your mech can do that, right?"


 "Then we'll park a ways off in the woods then walk in. Don't know what we'll do about your body."

 "Yeah, I was thinking about that too. ... It's going to be all humans there, I'd assume?"

Surreal Nightmares sniffles. "I hope..."

 Lupe replies, "As far as we know."

 "It is the CS. I'd say that is a safe assumption."

  "Hmm... if we could pack the mech into one of the trucks, that would get us close enough to pass their outer defenses. They're not going to be shooting missiles into their own base. I can stay in the mech, out of sight, so I don't draw any unnecessary attention until we're ready to strike."

Kawai stands up. "Then we'll need one truck, then."

 Surreal_Nightmares blinks. "Alright."

 Lupe says, "No problem. Just let me know where and when. It will be ready to go."

 Kiirga stands up with Kawai.

 Kawai extends her hand to Maxton.

 Maxton shakes Kawai's hand. "Thanks again. We will be in touch."

"You still haven't told us whom you work for."

 "I work for the other citizens of the world. I am but a representative."

Surreal Nightmares rolls off of the chair she sits on. She stands up. "Mmm..." She looks to her new teammates. "Ready?"

Kawai extends her hand to Lupe.

 Lupe shakes Kawai's hand, "I'll see you soon."

 Kawai puts her hands to her sides, "Ready."

 Lupe shows the group out of the conference room and to the front door of the hotel. She hands Kawai a card with a radio frequency on it."Contact us here. Good luck."

 Kawai nods as she pockets the card in her back pocket.

Kiirga takes a look at the card as it is handed to Kawai, smiles, and nods. "We'll see you soon."

* * *

Kawai goes to the hanger were Kiirga's plane and her own Juggernaut is housed. "Kiirga, can you please do us a favor?"

   "What's up?"

"Look up any information you can about Other Citizens of Tolkeen group."

 Kiirga nods. "Sure. I can do that."

 "Thanks. I want to know who we are getting into bed with."

   "Yeah... but whoever they are, they don't like the CS. That's at least one point for them."

"Don't you find it odd how they knew about our last assignment?"

 Surreal_Nightmares yawns, letting out a cute squeak at the peak of her yawn. Her tongue flicks out to lick her nose.

   "Mmm... that means they have access to some kind of intelligence."

 "Or stole it." pats Kiirga's head, "I will see you in a bit. When do you want to depart?"

 Surreal_Nightmares blinks. "So, what am I gonna do guys? I'm not sure how you handle missions."

 Kiirga smiles softly up at Kawai after her patting. "Whenever you're ready."

 "Stick with Kiirga, Surry."

 Surreal Nightmares nods. She trots over to Kiirga, leaning on one of her legs.

 Kiirga chuckles softly, looking back at Surreal Nightmares as she leans into her leg. Well, that's one way to 'stay close'.

 Surreal Nightmares purrs softly. She looks up at Kiirga. "Ready?"

Kawai goes to check out her vehicle from the holding warehouse.

"Yeah. Looks like you're gonna be back in the mech with me. Probably a good place for us quadrupeds to be in a CS place."

Surreal Nightmares nods. "Alright, I'm cool with that. Just hope that it's comfortable!" She shoots Kiirga a smile.

"Oh yeah! It's definitely big enough for the two of us. Shall we go?"

 Surreal Nightmares trots in place. "Ready!"

 Kiirga nods, and trots off towards the airship.

 The VTOL has two engines pointed downwards at the ends of a pair of wings, and is painted a simple grey color. It is large enough to easily fit a tank or two inside it.

 Surreal_Nightmares flies up to it, inspecting the open space. "Comfy."

 Kiirga chuckles softly. "Yeah, we're not taking this today, though. Not with those missile pods. No, we're taking what's inside." She raises a hoof up towards the machine, and the gems in her foreleg glow. The back panel of the VTOl opens up, sliding downwards to the ground at the call of its master. "We're taking that." She steps up into the VTOL, and the lights come on, revealing a dragon mech, currently powered down and laying on its belly,its long neck and tail curled around itself.

 Surreal Nightmares whistles. "Damn! That's pretty good..."

Kiirga grins a bit to herself, but puts on a less excitable face as she turns back, standing next to it. "It is, isn't it?" She climbs up along the tail, the way it was curled making a perfect ramp up to the hatch on its back.

 Surreal Nightmares lands near the hatch. "Spacious inside?"

   "It's built for four."

Surreal Nightmares nods. "Ready to go then?" She motions for Kiirga to open the hatch.

  "We have to get this thing on a truck, first. Which means calling them and getting the truck." She puts her hoof to the back of the mech, and a hissing of hydraulics can be heard within, then the hatch pops open. She hops down into the mech, and grabs up her pilot's suit from the central control chair, starting to put it on. Surreal Nightmares follows, taking a seat next to Kiirga. She lays her head down Kiirga's lap.

Kiirga dons her simple, brown pilot's suit, then looks down at Surreal Nightmares. "Oh. Uh, hello! I'm, uh, gonna have to ask you to move, though, I need to get this thing started up."

Surreal Nightmares snorts and moves back, curling up into a ball. She watches Kiirga do her thing, interested in the control panel before her.

 "Thanks." Her hooves rest on the armrests next to the chair, built to be at the height and designed to fit a quadruped. In fact, this whole thing looks to have been built specifically for them in mind. Her hooves glow through the suit, and the controls hum to life, without her ever touching them. Readouts come up, and the main screen shows the view outside the mech. A rumbling begins, and the hatch behind them shuts and locks itself with more hissing hydraulics. "Alright, might wanna buckle up." She says as she puts the headset from the comms station over her ears.

 Surreal Nightmares wraps the belt around her form. "Ready!"

 Kiirga pulls down the mic on the headset next to her muzzle, and calls Maxton and Lupe with a location near the hangar to meet. Lupe acknowledges the request and agrees to meet. Kiirga flips the mic back up. "Alright, here we go." The mech uncurls from around itself, and stands up to all fours. After making sure everything was in working order, Kiirga pilots it out the back of the VTOL and into the hangar. The VTOL closes up and shuts back down as she leaves, and she heads off to the meetup point. She also radios Kawai at this point. "I've got us our truck."

 Kawai radios back, "Good. Where will it be?"

  "In the hangar lot, by hangar 3."

 "Thanks. I'll meet you there."

 "Did you find out anything about them?"

   "Not yet. Just got to the mech." She checks on Compu and how she's doing with her search for information.

Kawai meets up with them later.

Compu replies, "There are citizens of all identities in Tolkeen. Can you be more specific?"

   "Are there any organizations that share a similar name?"

 Compu: "I have no information about groups named 'Other Citizens' in Tolkeen."

 Kiirga hmms... "What organizations would stand to gain from information about the rift containment device?"

 Kawai radios Kiirga, "You ready?"

 "Yeah, I think I stumped Compu with that one. She's still thinking about it."

 Surreal_Nightmares stays silent, not willing to interrupt the radio chatter with her own commentary.

 "I'm at the spot."

 Kiirga steps out into the hangar lot to meet up with Kawai, shutting her hangar behind her.

   "I'll be there in just a second."

 The truck and a car pull up. Lupe is driving the truck. It is an older three-axle model. 6 wheel drive, and you can tell by its quietness that it is electric. The bed should be just large enough for the Dragon and Warhawk. Maxton is in the back of the car, but you do not recognize the driver. Maxton gets out and walks to the truck. Lupe steps down and looks around. Kiirga watches the truck drive up, the mech's head following it as it head to the meeting place. Yep, that's theirs.

Oct 01 21:27:45 * Surreal_Nightmares grooms herself like a cat in her seat.

 Kawai realizes that she has to drive so she sets her mech onto the truck bed. After a moment the steam dies down on her Warhawk as it goes to sleep. She leaps out of the robot in dramatic fashion landing near Maxton.

 Maxton laughs. "Well done. I hope you find everything to your liking. The cab is big enough for you and your friends."

 Lupe picks up, "We just had it serviced. It has a range of 1000 kilometers, and there's a tarp in the storage box if you want to cover your mechs."

 "We thought the electric drive would be better for being quiet."

 Kiirga takes the dragon mech up into the truck's bed, carefully setting it down in the space that Kawai had left for her, and parks it back in that same pose it had been in - head and tail curled up around itself.

 Surreal Nightmares unbuckles herself and falls to the floor. She stands up, nosing Kiirga softly. "So we're actually doing this, huh?"

 Kiirga turns and looks at the affectionate mare as she is nosed at. "We are."

Surreal Nightmares sighs and shakes her head. "My life is too crazy..."

 Maxton says, "Is there anything else you need before you start?"

 "The keys, please." she holds out her hand to Maxton.

 Maxton puts the keys in Kawai's hand. "We'll call on the radio as we have updates."

 Kawai without looking back as she goes to the driver side, "Thanks." and opens the door.

  "You ready for this?" She gently lays a hoof on Surry's back.

 Maxton says, "Safe travels," and goes back to the car.

 Lupe watches for a long second and joins Maxton. The car drives away.

 Surreal_Nightmares nods. "As ready as I'll ever be."

   "Good. Cuz we're about to head out."
The truck is loaded and the party departs. What is instore for our heroes? What is this mystery group? Find out in the next episode.

Designed & Coded by: Maiyunbby
Art by: kaiyuan
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Rifts Redux

Fri Sep 23, 2016, 10:12 PM

I've been editing the game system lately. Things such as weapons, skills, and classes will be affected without losing the core essence of the system.  This will mean you'll be seeing an update to the character sheets. Even my own. I should have posts up soon.

Designed & Coded by: Maiyunbby
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Day 9

Wed Dec 9, 2015, 7:01 PM

It took us the rest of the day to get to the final location. The area was flat and the area cleared. We had the convoy parked a mile away with Seras and Compu leading the scouting mission.
I resided in the co-pilot seat in the Dragon with Kiirga. She had set up a link with Compu. We saw everything she did. Compu circled high above the area for a half hour before spotting the hatch. Only a hatch. The round ones where you have to rotate them like you would have on a submarine.
Even though it was night and I am powerless we have to press on. Those people need us. Going down into the depths about fifty feet we enter a cavern. The remnants of an old subway station. I am not calling this place a terminal. It has long since served any such purpose. This location must have been important enough to support one. If we had a name I could equate it to the old world counter part. Only one of the trains lay rotting on the tracks. The smell of mold and rust permeates the cavern. Then the ringing, a throbbing pain. I had to put my hand on the wall for support. Then it was gone.
That's when we heard it. The howling reverberated throughout the cavern and into our minds. Shadows of Wolf-like creature dart past turned over cars and around around a corner, we never saw the creatures, followed by a great hum and white light that knocked us out.
We come to...eventually. Don't now when exactly but it is still night so it had not been long. The headache is still there. Whatever did this wants us to know it is still here. Around the corner we were chasing the creatures, on the left-hand side in a pit of sort resided a prism pillar.
I didn't make much of the pillar at the time. It was not apart of our mission. I scouted ahead followed closely by Seras. Kiirga checked it out though. She didn't notice anything unusual at first then the crystalline structure attacked her altering her face to be wolf-like. Whoever or whatever abducted those people might have something to do with the crystal and Kiirga's current state. I told them that we must press on, the sooner we solve this case the sooner we can cure Kiirga.

After following the tracks outside we encountered a ridge overlooking an unlit town. We pulled the convoy around on top for ease of extraction. They are near. I can feel it.

End Session.

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Art by: kaiyuan


Mon Nov 9, 2015, 3:50 PM

     A request has been made of me to run a Rifts campaign of my own. I'm still ironing out all the details but it should be a fun adventure. This campaign will run as a sister campaign based in the Tolkeen Kingdom. There are many story elements that I want to try. For example in the campaign I am in we haven't encountered the Coalition States so I will make them an element.
   The players I have are: Star; a Cyber-Knight Wolfen (Cyber-Knights are the Rifts version of Jedi),  Link from the Legend of Zelda series, a mysterious wilderness scout, and an electrician.

If you have a name you want this campaign to be called please write down in the comments below. We play every Thursday from 1600 to 2200 central time.

Designed & Coded by: Maiyunbby
Art by: kaiyuan
I'm trying to start a tea business. The link is up and running. Please pay it a visit.…
     I designed this module to be role play heavy with combat at the end for the confrontation. This is meant to be a murder mystery in a close knit community. There are 11 suspects in total with the victim being the sheriff.

The suspects
   Daisy, Lily, and Chrysanthemum (male, goes by Chrys) whom are the dwarf family assigned to run the Amber Spyglass Inn & Suites and act as groundskeepers.  The daughter Daisy operates the morning shift at the front desk and cooks in the afternoon. Lily cooks in the morning, operates the desk in the afternoon, and patrols the cabins at night. Chrys gardens in the morning, in the afternoon he makes repairs, cleans, maintains any upkeep on the Inn and the cabins, in the evening he patrol the cabins. ( Not all of the cabins are maintained. This is either to a request or no one currently owns them. Have a few cabins represent this.)

  The three hooded figures: These three arrive into town shortly after the players do and quickly purchases a room at the inn. They will keep to there rooms during the majority of the events only coming down during meal times. They are meant to be mysterious and/or spooky. This is to act as the red haring. Their true purpose is one of pilgrimage. They are half-orcs traveling to Dirron or whatever is your next adventure site.

  The Outfitter. (I failed to give him a name.) This guy serves as the town's merchant and thus stays to his shop unless he is requested to leave. He is a dwarf and has dwarven goods. He mostly sells arrows and bolts. He, like the innkeepers, was assigned to this post. 

  The shrine keepers. Their names are Rodger and Lucy. Rodger is Lucy's apprentice. The shrine is a nature shrine who's duty is to bless people for a good hunt..

   Old man Timmins. He is an old Neanderthal with a grouchy attitude. He lives in the middle of woods so he can be left alone. If anyone visits him he'll be downright ornery. Often he'll have random hunting traps situated around his simple cabin. ( DC 10 or 12 spot check to notice) This man has a history of causing trouble to passer-bys and will draw attention as a red haring.

   Jacob the woodsman. This man is a ranger. It is his duty to watch over game and flora. This man is the killer. He'll disappear for the early part of the session to clean his axes then reappear during the second half to be helpful.  He will claim that he tried to track the beast all morning but claims he lost it near the lake. If left alone with another NPC he will kill them fearing that they might learn his secret. His helpfulness is meant to throw the players off the trail. Note to DM: This man will lie. Instead of asking for sense motive rolls act it out. You can do this by shifting eyes to the right or touching your face. This will give your players a chance to role play instead of roll playing.

The Setup
    Sheriff Nigel Burns, Jacob, and Rodger are on a week long survey mission to prepare for the hunting event for the nobles in a month. The nobles have first access to the grounds followed by everyone else the week after that, which also lasts a week. They will be in the tree stands at the popular watering hole, Deer Pond. They will also pay a visit to Old man Timmins to ensure he doesn't attack any of the hunters. Rodger is coming along to maintain safety and sanctify the expedition. Jacob is there because he knows the woods thoroughly. Jacob doesn't like Timmins and will mumble his disapproval as they leave. If the party has a fighter, ranger, or paladin make them the deputy. That way when the sheriff dies the responsibility of seeking the killer is thrust upon them and they will know the suspects.
    The town of Elk Head is boring. There should be a pause of some sort to allow players to introduce themselves. This will help set up the mood. If the deputy makes up a tale about the town it can be easily incorporated as Elk Head has been given vagueness.
    The next morning Rodger is pounding on the Sheriff's door crying for help. His arm is broken and his clothes are ragged from running through the woods. He will claim that the sheriff was savagely attacked by a creature during the night. It woke him up with a freight and fell out of the tree stand, breaking his arm in the process. He will be distraught.
    After the party investigates Timmins and are unsure about his innocence then have them attacked by a 1st level summon nature's ally spell. On the way to Timmin's cabin have the players roll a survival check to avoid being lost. If they stay near the deputy they will automatically succeed. The lost will end up at Deer Pond where the sheriff was killed. For those not watching their steps as they approach Timmin's cabin have them trigger a hunting trap. This trap should be minor yet annoying.

When the players investigate Jacob's cabin have a fly buzz in. This fly will be attracted to the smell of blood on the axes even though they have been cleaned. There will be evidence of a woman having stayed with Jacob inside his bedroom. Most likely in a footlocker at the end of his bed and forgotten coats hung on a post.

The Motive
Some time ago Jacob was married. He has a habit of woeing women with his woodsman charm. This one, however, stayed with him after the noble's hunting trip. It turns out that he was controlling and that the life of a woodsman's wife was unsuited for a city gal like her. She wanted out. So in the next hunting season Sheriff Burns and Lily sneaked her with one of the noblemen hunters to return her home. He found out from eavesdropping. His plan was to wait until the survey mission to hack the sheriff to bits with his axes.

The Setting
Elk Head is a small hunting and camping retreat. There are 16 cabin situated around the lake north of town. Jacob's cabin is located on the path where the main road meets the road circling the lake. The cabins are meant as a private residence for those that can afford them, typically they are used by the nobles during the Summer. The main part of town has a Sheriff station, Outfitter, and the Amber Spyglass which acts as an Inn & Suites. In the woods is old man Timmin's cabin and Deer Pond. Every once in awhile this town has travelers seeking rest and thus remains open all year round.

Day 8

Wed Jul 22, 2015, 6:24 PM

    We were sent out with a convoy of about 12 trucks and a few jeeps. The trucks so I'm told has a capacity of 20 people, 30 if they squeeze. That should do for now. I figure if we need more they might have some at that secret base. 
      For a future world they don't seem to have advanced much. Perhaps whatever happened set them back in some ways forcing them to rely upon old, outdated, data. That's my guess. I need to ask someone about that. My only hope when I ask is that it not as confusing as the airplane debacle.
     Heading northbound we came across a washout hours into our journey. The jeeps could cross the quagmire easily but they had to wait on the other side on top of the bend for the trucks. It took us another 3 hours to circumnavigate safely. By this time it was well into the afternoon and the sun was starting to beat down on us. This did little to lift the spirit of my friends. Worse yet is we came across a boarder crossing regulated by mercenaries. 
     As leader of our expedition I felt it was my duty to converse with the thug in charge of this area. I could tell this will not end well by all of the looks I was getting. When Compu said she wanted to try to handle the diplomacy I was a bit relieved that the burden of failure was not going to fall upon me. So we go into the toll booth together.
    Funny thing about Compu is that she has a odd way of diplomacy. First thing she did was show our papers. That is a good start but the leader scoffed at it and the town. I can't blame him about his regards with the town. Then Compu nuzzles the man, smiles up at him like a cat requesting attention, then turns around to show him her behind. That went as you might expect. The man pistol whips her across the head and I shoved his through a door.
     With that the two APCs outside of the gate open fire upon Kiirga's dragon mech. They exchanged fire for a bit taking the heat off of Seras and I. Seras waded past the hail of gun fire to address the APCs personally. He cast some spell on the drivers causing them to drive off in a hurry. One of the gunners, as they were fleeing, turned on Seras' towering 15 foot frame. First task I sought was to take out the tower beyond the gate that was shooting at our trucks.
    Out the side window I ran then vaulted over the gate. I needed to keep my speed up if I was going to make this work. As I was running towards the tower I pulled out my kawanga. Once I snared the the turret, still running, I circled the tower just to run up it and into the high window. First I see I pulled out the window then I was in.
      One down, three remaining. They are situated around the turret which we have to step around to get at each other. They pull guns on me right away. At this distance it is bad. They should have pulled knives. I managed to knock away the closest gun but the others got me in the back. The bullets feel like BBs. No wonder these men are well armed; they must've gone through a junk yard.
   Without thinking I tug the guy down to the ground and whip-punched the next one in the spleen. Solid hit. He doubles over with a gasp, a spew of blood issues forth with a sudden cough. He's down. Only one guy left to worry about.
     His hand shakes as I step towards him. A shot goes off but it only grazes my shoulder. There is terror in his eyes. I smile, thinking to myself, "I'll go easy on this one."  Shoving him out the window so that he falls sideways; At worse he'll break his arm with, maybe, a bump on the head.
     The guy I pulled to the ground at the start of this begins to rise. I can tell he is unsure of himself as he slowly rises up. With a simple swivel of the turret he is out cold. 
     With the fight over I slide down my kawanga as the convoy rolls through. My crew blasted open the gate with the Dragon's main cannon. A bit reckless. They could have pressed the button to open the gate, which is something I told them later. They thought it would be a fun way to keep that gate open forever.

End Session.
              Next time we'll be at the secret base. Stay tuned.

Designed & Coded by: Maiyunbby
Art by: kaiyuan
This week I've start my own campaign while my GM is away. It is 3.5 D&D with core classes and mostly core races. My friend Kai Yuan has done a race line up for me. If you want to check it out it is in his gallery at I don't know if I will post logs from this campaign. I plan on it being a one-shot. Should the demand arise I will post the campaign and maybe lengthen it. This is a micro to macro approach to DMing but the unknown is if I am going connect it to Dirron. Time will tell. 
For all of those who are waiting for my weekly adventure journals you will be disappointed. Normally I give myself a few weeks buffer between posts and the campaign to keep constant updates. Unfortunately this buffer has faded due to scheduling. Which means the campaign has caught up with my journal. We were suppose to have two sessions this week but something came up. I'm sorry to say that you all will have to wait awhile longer for the next installment.

                                                                                     Thank you for being patient,

Day 7

Sat May 9, 2015, 5:55 AM

I knock on the Mayor's door. There's no answer.
 Seras stands behind me looking intimidating while Compu shrinks down to be adorable on top of Kiirga's head.
 I check to see if the door is open before opening it, "Hello?" I open the door to find the mayor passed out by his desk with an emptied bottle of rye loosely clutched in his hand.
 Kiirga looks in the door as it opens. "... yeah... I don't think he's in any position to listen to us." Her ears fold down.
 Seras blinks, and walks on in. "Hey. Wake up" he pokes the man with his Halberd. This causes Mayor Cromwell to mumble.
 I lean on a nearby wall. I can easily see that he wasn't killed by the rising and falling of his chest.
 Kiirga looks up at Compu on her head, her short, pointed horn was hard to the touch, but not really sensitive. She supposed it was a good handle so she didn't fall off, so she allowed it.
 Seras picks him up. "Hey, wake up you drunk."
 With a sigh, "Let's wake the man up. Want to take him or should I?"
 He looks him over, "I'll get him."
I walk out the room and search for the nearest washroom.
Seras slaps him, "Hey, wake up!" he shouts at the fool. Kiirga simply stares at their shenanigans and shakes her head just slightly.
 I find one with a quick scan of the hallway, "Seras, come here." I call out, holds the door to the washroom open. Seras looks over, and shrugs, bringing the sleeping guy with him as he goes to the washroom. I turn on the cold water and plug the sink.
   Kiirga watches them go and wonders what they were doing... maybe going to splash him with water or something. In any case, she was not needed at this point, so she simply looks around the room for anything else of interest which she finds in the form of a blueprint of a 747 aircraft. This intrigues Kiirga and being on her head Compu knows this interests her so she scans the image to save for later. Kiirga chuckles softly at the old plane design. "Wow, this thing looks ancient... makes really neat wall art though."
 Seras gets the idea. He puts the mayor's head in the sink. The mayor comically wakes up in a panic. He pulls him out of the sink, "Morning." we say in unison.
"It's not even noon yet." I said before Seras smacks him for good measure. Mr. Cromwell promptly falls over from the face slap.
 A red welt was forming on cheek, "What was that for!?" he exclaimed as he holds his face.
"You were passed out like a drunken fool." I state bluntly as Seras shifts his body, using his arms to creepily move behind me. It is a small bathroom and he towers over me. He is doing his best to back me up. Maybe he is trying to make it up to me for his actions on the ferry. I can use that.
   "We need you, Mayor. We have news about the disappearances." I can see the gears turning behind those eyes. My guess his hangover is clouding his mind. Disgusting.
 Kiirga looks over at the bathroom as she hears the commotion. "Heh. Guess he's awake... we should go see what they're up to." She walks back to the bathroom to join the others.
"Are you with us or do you need my friend to waken you further?" No reply. "Dunk him." I order to Seras. Seras picks him up and shoves his head under the water again. Mr. Cromwell flails again but less so. We can see that he finally gain his wits back. He is removed from the sink and placed upon his feet.

"Right, the missing."

 Compu squeaks "Stop!", leaps off of Kiirga's head, grows to normal size, and pulls his head out of the water, "They're scaring him!"
"Ok, you can set him down now." I said and Seras promptly pulls him out of the water. "Compu, pull up the maps. We need to show him what we know." Compu snuggles the mayor and reluctantly brings up the maps from our adventure. "We have located the whereabouts of the kidnappers. From what we gather is that there will be a lot of people to transport. We are requesting transport in the form of a plane. That way we are in and out without much difficulty. We need to know of any military groups, that you might know of, in the Manitoba border area."

 "There hasn't been any aircraft in years..." The mayor trails off as if he is hiding something.
Compu brings up a holographic model that seems to be a customized version of the blueprints she scanned, "How about this?"

 Seras looks at it. "Given the right materials, I think I could fly something like that."
 "I know I could fly something like that... it should be a piece of cake compared to my Dragon."
"The last ones stopped flying 50 years ago, and they have all been scrapped."

 Compu customizes the model giving it extra engines and a second pair of half width wings in the rear, Vtol, it also has a bunch of cargo space converted to fuel storage as well as plenty of living space and such.
"Why? Are you saying Markeen does not have any planes?" I ask.

"Where do you suppose you could get a plane?"
"You could have one built from these blueprints."

 "Tolkeen or what about those air ships I see floating." I point out.
 "If you think you can get one going, feel free to."
"Another thing."

"We never discussed the terms of this job outside of Compu and my citizenship."

"Yes. We were told if we did this job we would get citizenship to Tolkeen. Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Who told you this?"
"The man's name was Ted. He met Compu and I when we rifted to this world. He told us if we did this job we would gain citizenship to Tolkeen. We were to report to him at the end of the mission and he would complete the paper work," as the words leave my mouth I get an uncomfortable feeling.

 "I do not know anyone by this name nor people with that job."

I feel like the air has left me, "We were duped."

  "We were.....tricked?"

 "Yes, Compu. Ted is a con man."

 "The issue still stands though, people are still gone."

    "Hey, you alright?" Seras asks as he puts a hand on my shoulder while Compu searches the web for the form she filled out for her signature.  I find this comforting. It is a good human gesture even if it is from a demon. I look up at him, "Seras, I gained this mission on a lie. I don't even know if we will be paid at the end of this."
  Seras naturally is furious, but he calms himself with extreme difficulty.  "That's... That's alright, Kawai."
"Mayor Cromwell, that is true. We were still planning on completing this mission regardless. Can you do anything to help us?"
"If you need help for an aircraft, there not much I can do."

Seras glares at the man. "We're getting compensated for our work you drunk bastard."

 "We need a way to transport all those people. We could also use payment."

"I can give you a caravan of several trucks, and payment once done...
Compu chimes in interrupting the mayor, "You can't get the aircraft built?"

 " We do not've the resources to do so and we don't have the facilities to build such a thing."

   Seras towers over him. "Find where we can get the resources."
  "Tolkeen might."

"There is a scrap yard to the east you can go through."

 Seras picks the man up by his shirt. "You know what I am?  I'm a Croval.  We aren't very happy if we aren't paid." He emphasizes his statement by spearing the wall with his giant leg.

"You will get paid, don't worry..."

 "How much?"

"However you hurt me, you wont get anything."

"How much?" The mayor muttered a number. I made a gesture to Seras. Seras exhales hard. He looks at Kawai, and nods.  He then drops the man on his ass.

 "What was that?"
 "50 credits per person you bring back."
"200 for each member in my party."


"180 once you get back..."

"You can go to the scrap yard to find the parts you need

"You can do better than that. Throw in a voucher for a plane from Tolkeen and housing accommodations in Tolkeen and you have yourself a deal. Our choice of course."

"I can not give you something we don't have."
"This city is a part of Tolkeen proper. You can ask them. Be really convincing."
"I'm not talking about the housing, I'm talking about the aircraft."
"Tolkeen must have a plane."

"We have jeeps and buses." Again he is referring to his city. Ugh. Seras pulls his leg out of the wall.

 "What are we missing here? Clue us in, Mayor."
 "Not missing anything. You can go to the scrap yard and see if you can build an aircraft, or use the buses and jeeps." I look at Seras.

 "Why aren't there any aircraft?" asks Compu. Seras has a hand on his weapon, and his long legs are shifting about on him.
"Aircraft have not flown here for 50 years."
"How is that possible? Seras learned to fly. Are you saying a ghost taught him?"

 "But why? I'm technically an aircraft." she states as she points to her wings.

"No resources to fly them, or maintain them, and no one trained to fly."

Seras raises a hand, "I can fly."

"That maybe so, but there is no aircraft."

 "We will take you up on your offer. Don't let us down." offers her hand to the Mayor. He pours 2 shots of rye, and passes one to me. He raises his glass "deal" and knocks it back. I pass the glass to Seras. I've never been one to drink alcohol but it would be rude if no one sealed the deal. Seras takes a big swallow.

Designed & Coded by: Maiyunbby
Art by: kaiyuan
Seras Integra Level 2 by Jokerboxer
Compu level 2 by Jokerboxer
Kiirga's Character Sheet by Jokerboxer