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Day 9

Wed Dec 9, 2015, 7:01 PM

It took us the rest of the day to get to the final location. The area was flat and the area cleared. We had the convoy parked a mile away with Seras and Compu leading the scouting mission.
I resided in the co-pilot seat in the Dragon with Kiirga. She had set up a link with Compu. We saw everything she did. Compu circled high above the area for a half hour before spotting the hatch. Only a hatch. The round ones where you have to rotate them like you would have on a submarine.
Even though it was night and I am powerless we have to press on. Those people need us. Going down into the depths about fifty feet we enter a cavern. The remnants of an old subway station. I am not calling this place a terminal. It has long since served any such purpose. This location must have been important enough to support one. If we had a name I could equate it to the old world counter part. Only one of the trains lay rotting on the tracks. The smell of mold and rust permeates the cavern. Then the ringing, a throbbing pain. I had to put my hand on the wall for support. Then it was gone.
That's when we heard it. The howling reverberated throughout the cavern and into our minds. Shadows of Wolf-like creature dart past turned over cars and around around a corner, we never saw the creatures, followed by a great hum and white light that knocked us out.
We come to...eventually. Don't now when exactly but it is still night so it had not been long. The headache is still there. Whatever did this wants us to know it is still here. Around the corner we were chasing the creatures, on the left-hand side in a pit of sort resided a prism pillar.
I didn't make much of the pillar at the time. It was not apart of our mission. I scouted ahead followed closely by Seras. Kiirga checked it out though. She didn't notice anything unusual at first then the crystalline structure attacked her altering her face to be wolf-like. Whoever or whatever abducted those people might have something to do with the crystal and Kiirga's current state. I told them that we must press on, the sooner we solve this case the sooner we can cure Kiirga.

After following the tracks outside we encountered a ridge overlooking an unlit town. We pulled the convoy around on top for ease of extraction. They are near. I can feel it.

End Session.

Designed & Coded by: Maiyunbby
Art by: kaiyuan
Jokerboxer Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2015
I know it has been a long time since my last update. I was hoping to end the arc with this post. The role playing has been slow and spotty. With a final push we might be able to finish it. I seriously hope we will be able to move soon. This was suppose to be an introductory arc help understand the setting.

Do you guys feel you understand Rifts better now? Let me know. If not I will try to explore it with my campaign. Thank you for following along.
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Submitted on
December 9, 2015